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tournament reform

Reimagining College Basketball’s Postseason

Tournament expansion talk has been all the rage for the last few weeks. I’ve gone in a slightly different direction.

Dayton Is The First Four Host For 2011, Plus More Schedule News

Blogging the Bracket looks at the decision to award Dayton the 2011 "First Four" and shares numerous schedule links.

68-Team Bracket Format FINALLY Revealed

Blogging the Bracket breaks down the new format for the NCAA Tournament Opening Round.

We Have An Answer On Expansion (Probably): It's 68 (For Now)

Blogging the Bracket reacts to the NCAA's decision on expansion, which was announced Thursday.

The 96-Team Bracket: Thoughts On How It Will Work

Blogging The Bracket shares some thoughts about how a 96-team NCAA field will work, particularly early in the Tournament's early rounds.

So NCAA Tournament Expansion Now Looks Like A Certainty...

Blogging The Bracket takes some time to react to Thursday's news about NCAA Tournament expansion.

Re-Examining A 96-Team Field After The Best Tournament Weekend Ever

Blogging The Bracket takes another look at a 96-team field, examining how one may have looked on this past Selection Sunday.

Reforming The Tourney, Part 6: Two Ways To Get To 96

Blogging the Bracket has two ideas for how the NCAA field can grow to 96 teams.

Reforming the Tourney, Part 5 - Opening Round Roulette

In Part 5 of a series on NCAA Tournament Reform, Blogging the Bracket looks at the controversial Opening Round.

Reforming the Tourney, Part 4 - The NCAA Champions League

In continuing his look at tournament reform, Blogging the Bracket looks to Europe's biggest soccer competition for a new way to pick the NCAA field.

Reforming the Tourney, Part 3 - The Best 64

In the third entry in a series, Blogging the Bracket looks at an all at-large field for the NCAA Tournament.

Reforming the Tourney, Part 2 - Making Both the Regular Season and Conference Tournaments Meaningful

In the second entry in a series on tournament reform, Blogging the Bracket looks at an NCAA field with both conference regular season and tourney champions.

Reforming the Tourney, Part 1 - Champs Only?

In the first post in a series on reforming the NCAA tournament, Blogging the Bracket looks at what an auto bid-only tourney would look like.