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West Region Team Profiles: 01/25/2011

RPI and schedule data from Basketball State (subscription), accessed on January 24, 2011. This information only reflects games played against Division I opponents through Monday, January 24, 2011.

Washington Pod

120px-pitt_medium120px-northerncolorado_medium 120px-temple_medium120px-bostoncollege_medium

1. Pittsburgh Panthers (Big East auto)
Record: 19-2 overall; 7-1 conference; 4-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 5-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 6-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-0 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 121 Loss: 17
RPI: 5
SOS: 27
RPI 1-50 Wins: Connecticut, Syracuse, at Georgetown, Texas (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: Marquette, Maryland (N), Rhode Island, Duquesne (N), American
Losses: Notre Dame (No. 12), Tennessee (No. 17)
Last Week: won at DePaul 80-50, lost to Notre Dame 56-51
This Week: at Rutgers (Sat.)
The Panthers remain on the top line, just, after losing at home to Notre Dame on Monday night, and should remain here with just a trip to Rutgers on the slate for this week.

16. Northern Colorado Bears (Big Sky auto)
9-7 overall; 7-0 conference; 0-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 8-3 vs. RPI 150+; 4-7 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 196 Loss: 127
RPI: 130
SOS: 209
Last Week: won at Sacramento State 77-72, def. Weber State 65-46
This Week: at Weber State (Sat.), at Northern Arizona (Mon.)
The Bears had a surprisingly tough time with perennial doormat Sacramento State on Thursday, then took care of Weber State, who they get to face in Ogden again on Saturday.

8. Temple Owls (A-10 at-;arge)
Last Week: 7
13-5 overall; 3-2 conference; 2-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-2 vs. RPI 51-100; 7-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-5 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 166 Loss: 40
RPI: 37
SOS: 51
RPI 1-50 Wins: Georgetown, Georgia (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: Maryland (N)
Losses: at Villanova (No. 7), Texas A&M (N) (No. 16), at Xavier (No. 26), California (N) (No. 56), at Duquesne (No. 94)
Last Week: def. Penn 73-56, lost at Xavier 88-77
This Week: Charlotte (Wed.), at St. Joseph's (Sat.)
The Owls took care of Big Five rival Penn on Wednesday, a win that won't help their profile in the least. Neither will this week's conference games, which makes Saturday's loss at Xavier that much more difficult to take.

9. Boston College Eagles (ACC at-large)
Last Week: 8
14-6 overall; 4-2 conference; 5-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 5-2 vs. RPI 51-100; 4-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 134 Loss: 66
RPI: 35
SOS: 24
RPI 1-50 Wins: Texas A&M (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: California (N), at Maryland, at South Carolina, Bucknell, NC State
Bad (RPI 150+) Losses: None
Losses: Wisconsin (N) (No. 33), at Florida State (No. 44), at Miami (No. 48), Harvard (No. 52), at Rhode Island (No. 79), Yale (No. 138)
Last Week: def. Virginia 70-67, lost at Florida State 67-51
This Week: at Duke (Thu.)
Not the best week for the Eagles, who fell back in the ACC pack after a loss at Florida State on Saturday. Their seeding may get worse before it gets better, as a visit to Cameron is on deck.

Tampa Pod

120px-wisconsin_mediumOdumonarchs_medium 120px-ucla_medium120px-missouri_medium 108px-harvard_crimson_medium

5. Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten at-large)
15-4 overall; 5-2 conference; 3-4 vs. RPI Top 50; 4-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 8-0 vs. RPI 150+; 4-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 162 Loss: 23
RPI: 33
SOS: 57
RPI 1-50 Wins: Minnesota, Illinois, Boston College (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: at Marquette, at Northwestern, Michigan, NC State
Losses: Notre Dame (N) (No. 12), at Michigan State (No. 21), at Illinois (No. 28), at UNLV (No. 31)
Last Week: def. Indiana 69-60, won at Northwestern 78-46
This Week: at Penn State (Sat.)
The Badgers, somewhat surprisingly, needed a big night from Jordan Taylor to dispose of Indiana at home. They needed no such heroics to take care of Northwestern in Evanston. Next up, a trip to State College, not an easy W by any means.

12A. Old Dominion Monarchs (CAA at-large)
Record: 15-5 overall; 6-3 conference; 2-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 4-2 vs. RPI 51-100; 5-0 vs. RPI 150+; 6-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 139 Loss: 56
RPI: 34
SOS: 35
Last Week: def. James Madison 64-58, lost to VCU 59-50, def. UNC Wilmington 58-43
This Week: at Georgia State (Wed.), Towson (Sat.)
RPI 1-50 Wins: Xavier (N), George Mason
RPI 51-100 Wins: Dayton, Richmond, James Madison, Clemson (N)
Losses: Georgetown (No. 9), at Missouri (No. 29), VCU (No. 55), at Drexel (No. 63), at Delaware (No. 123)
The Monarchs are barely hanging on after Saturday's home loss to VCU. ODU now sits two games behind the Rams and Hofstra in the CAA race. Xavier and Richmond's A-10 success is giving the Monarchs a significant boost right now.

12B. UCLA Bruins (Pac-10 at-large)
Record: 13-6 overall; 5-2 conference; 1-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 2-3 vs. RPI 51-100; 8-0 vs. RPI 150+; 3-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 172 Loss: 46
RPI: 49
SOS: 32
RPI 1-50 Wins: BYU (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: California, Washington State
Losses: at Kansas (No. 1), Villanova (N) (No. 7), Washington (No. 22), VCU (N) (No. 55), at USC (No. 93), Montana (No. 98)
Last Week: def. California 86-84, def. Stanford 68-57
This Week: at Arizona (Thu.), at Arizona State (Sat.)
Don't look now, but the Bruins are back in the picture. They swept the Bay Area schools, needing a buzzer-beater to top Cal Thursday, then stomping Stanford on Saturday. Thursday's game in Tucson will show how much of a chance the Bruins really have at league honors.

4. Missouri Tigers (Big 12 at-large)
16-3 overall; 3-2 conference; 4-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 4-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 157 Loss: 36
RPI: 29
SOS: 77
RPI 1-50 Wins: Vanderbilt, Illinois (N), Old Dominion, Kansas State
RPI 51-100 Wins: Iowa State
Losses: Georgetown (N) (No. 9), at Texas A&M (No. 16), at Colorado (No. 84)
Last Week: def. Iowa State 87-54
This Week: at Texas (Sat.)
The Tigers crushed Iowa State Saturday, and get a week to think about how they're going to approach Big 12 leader Texas.

13. Harvard Crimson (Ivy auto)
Last Week: 12
11-3 overall; 2-0 conference; 1-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 182 Loss: 41
RPI: 52
SOS: 184
RPI 1-50 Wins: at Boston College
RPI 51-100 Wins: Colorado
Losses: at Connecticut (No. 4), at George Mason (No. 32), at Michigan (No. 88)
Last Week: def. Dartmouth 59-50
This Week: Columbia (Fri.), Cornell (Sat.)
The Crimson didn't have as easy of a time with Dartmouth as they did in Hanover two weeks ago, needing a big late second half rally to get to 2-0 in the Ivy League. Conference play, with its weekly back-to-backs, really kicks into gear this week, when the New York schools visit.

Chicago Pod

88px-michigan_state_spartans_logo_medium 113px-utahstate_medium 120px-notredame_medium 120px-coastalcarolina_medium

6. Michigan St. Spartans (Big Ten at-large)
11-7 overall; 4-3 conference; 3-6 vs. RPI Top 50; 4-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 4-0 vs. RPI 150+; 3-6 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 128 Loss: 18
RPI: 21
SOS: 3
RPI 1-50 Wins: Washington (N), Minnesota, Wisconsin
RPI 51-100 Wins: Oakland, Northwestern, at Northwestern, South Carolina
Losses: Connecticut (N) (No. 4), Syracuse (N) (No. 8), at Duke (No. 10), at Purdue (No. 11), Texas (No. 15), at Illinois (No. 28), at Penn State (No. 51)
Last Week: lost at Illinois 71-62, lost at Purdue 86-76
This Week: Michigan (Thu.), Indiana (Sun.)
The Spartans couldn't take advantage of some ice cold Illini shooting on Tuesday, and then were plagued by another offensive outage in West Lafayette on Saturday. This team looks destined for the middle of the bracket, and this week's two opponents won't provide much of a boost.

11. Utah St. Aggies (WAC auto)
Last Week: 12
18-2 overall; 7-0 conference; 0-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 16-0 vs. RPI 150+; 6-2 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 214 Loss: 6
RPI: 43
SOS: 202
RPI 1-50 Wins: None
RPI 51-100 Wins: None
Losses: at BYU (No. 2), at Georgetown (No. 9)
Last Week: def. Louisiana Tech 74-57, def. New Mexico State 59-49
This Week: at San Jose State (Thu.), at Hawai'i (Sat.)
The Aggies swept the WAC's eastern wing this week to stay perfect in conference, but must be wary of their San Jose-Honolulu trip, especially with the quick turnaround after flying out to O'ahu.

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Big East at-large)
16-4 overall; 5-3 conference; 6-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 4-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 5-0 vs. RPI 150+; 3-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 124 Loss: 28
RPI: 12
SOS: 14
RPI 1-50 Wins: Connecticut, Georgetown, St. John's, Wisconsin (N), Cincinnati, Georgia (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: California (N), Marquette, Gonzaga, Indiana State
Losses: at Syracuse (No. 8), Kentucky (N) (No. 13), at St. John's (No. 24), at Marquette (No. 66)
Last Week: def. Cincinnati 66-58, def. Marquette 80-75, at Pittsburgh (Mon.)
This Week: Idle until February 3rd at DePaul
The Irish handled two of the Big East's worst travelers. Now, they have more than a week until they play again, and rust could be a concern, even against a bad DePaul team.

14. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (Big South auto)
14-2 overall; 9-0 conference; 0-1 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 12-0 vs. RPI 150+; 6-2 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 171 Loss: 45
RPI: 69
SOS: 264
Last Week: won at UNC Asheville 80-59, won at Gardner-Webb 58-55
This Week: at High Point (Thu.), at Radford (Sat.)
Coastal still leads Liberty by one game, and their second meeting is set for February 3rd, a date that looms large in many one-bid leagues. Of course, the Chants will need to take care of business on the road this week to get to that date unscathed.

Tulsa Pod

120px-georgia_logo_medium 104px-sj-newlogo-125h_medium 120px-texas_medium 120px-fau_new_medium

7. Georgia Bulldogs (SEC at-large)
14-4 overall; 3-2 conference; 1-4 vs. RPI Top 50; 3-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 176 Loss: 21
RPI: 42
SOS: 67
RPI 1-50 Wins: Kentucky
RPI 51-100 Wins: UAB, at Mississippi, Colorado
Losses: Notre Dame (N) (No. 12), Tennessee (No. 17), at Vanderbilt (No. 18), Temple (N) (No. 37)
Last Week: lost to Tennessee 59-57, def. Mississippi State 86-64
This Week: Florida (Tue.), at Kentucky (Sat.)
The Bulldogs looked to have overtime within their grasp against Tennessee, until Brian Williams hit a controversial shot at the buzzer to give the Vols a huge win. There was no such drama in Saturday's win over Miss. State. This week, the Bulldogs could jump to the top of the SEC heap with a sweep of fellow contenders Florida (who they always seem to beat in Athens) and Kentucky (at Rupp, which will be tougher).

10. St. John's Red Storm (Big East at-large)
Last Week: 8
11-7 overall; 4-4 conference; 3-5 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 3-1 vs. RPI 150+; 5-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 107 Loss: 68
RPI: 24
SOS: 2
RPI 1-50 Wins: Georgetown, Notre Dame, at West Virginia
RPI 51-100 Wins: Northwestern
Bad (RPI 150+) Losses: at Fordham
Other Losses: Sryacuse (No. 8), at Notre Dame (No. 12), Cincinnati (No. 38), at Louisville (No. 39), at St. Mary's (No. 41), St. Bonaventure (No. 106)
Last Week: lost at Louisville 87-63, lost to Cincinnati 53-51
This Week: at Georgetown (Wed.), Duke (Sun.)
The Red Storm not only continue to struggle mightily on the road, as Louisville thoroughly dominated their meeting in the Cards' new arena, but they can't seem to win at home lately either, as Saturday's loss to Cincy was their second in a row at either the Garden or Carnesecca Arena. And things get even more difficult this week, thanks to a trip to Georgetown and a visit from Duke.

2. Texas Longhorns (Big 12 auto)
Last Week: 3
16-3 overall; 4-0 conference; 5-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-2 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 152 Loss: 34
RPI: 15
SOS: 29
RPI 1-50 Wins: at Kansas, Texas A&M, North Carolina (N), at Michigan State, Illinois (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: None
Losses: Connecticut (No. 4), Pittsburgh (N) (No. 5), at USC (No. 93)
Last Week: def. Texas A&M 81-60, won at Kansas 74-63
This Week: at Oklahoma State (Wed.), Missouri (Sat.), at Texas A&M (Mon.)
The Longhorns look to be the early class of the Big 12 after they handled both Texas A&M and Kansas this week, snapping the Jayhawks 69-game home win streak in the process. Now, they need to handle a three-game week that includes two tough road trips, with Monday's rematch with the Aggies looming especially large.

15. Florida Atlantic Owls (Sun Belt auto)
13-6 overall; 7-0 conference; 0-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-2 vs. RPI 51-100; 11-2 vs. RPI 150+; 8-5 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 193 Loss: 102
RPI: 96
SOS: 219
Last Week: def. Arkansas-Little Rock 88-71
This Week: Middle Tennessee State (Thu.), Western Kentucky (Sat.)
The Owls took care of West contender UALR on Saturday, and continue to push toward a showdown with West leader Denver, who lost at Middle Tennessee on Saturday, on February 10th.

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