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Southwest Region Team Profiles: 01/18/2011

RPI and schedule data from Basketball State (subscription), accessed on January 17, 2011. This information only reflects games played against Division I opponents through Monday, January 17, 2011.

Tulsa Pod

120px-kansas_medium 120px-northerncolorado_medium 104px-sj-newlogo-125h_medium 120px-northcarolina_medium

1. Kansas Jayhawks (Big 12 auto)
18-0 overall; 3-0 conference; 2-0 vs. RPI Top 50; 8-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 5-0 vs. RPI 150+; 8-0 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 125 Loss: 0
RPI: 1
SOS: 20
Last Week: won at Iowa State 84-79, def. Nebraska 63-60, won at Baylor 85-65
This Week: Texas (Sat.)
The Jayhawks keep on winning, even if it isn't always as convincing as Monday's win at Baylor. Texas' visit on Saturday will obviously be a huge test.

16. Northern Colorado Bears (Big Sky auto)
7-7 overall; 5-0 conference; 0-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 6-3 vs. RPI 150+; 3-7 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 182 Loss: 135
RPI: 139
SOS: 167
Last Week: def. Idaho State 57-37
This Week: at Sacramento State (Thu.), Weber State (Sat.)
The Bears played just once this week, so Montana is now even with them in the win column. They'll meet again in Missoula on February 12. Montana State, who Northern Colorado meets on February 10, joins the Grizzlies with one loss.

8. St. John's Red Storm (Big East at-large)
Last Week: 9
11-5 overall; 4-2 conference; 3-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 2-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 3-1 vs. RPI 150+; 5-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 101 Loss: 75
RPI: 13
SOS: 3
Last Week: lost to Syracuse 75-59, def. Notre Dame 72-54
This Week: at Louisville (Wed.), Cincinnati (Sat.)
The Red Storm got some revenge on Notre Dame by pounding them at the Garden Sunday, but Steve Lavin's team cannot rest easy this week, as the Cardinals won't quit and the Bearcats are in need of a resume win.

9. North Carolina Tar Heels (ACC at-large)
Last Week: 7
12-5 overall; 2-1 conference; 1-4 vs. RPI Top 50; 3-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 3-0 vs. RPI 150+; 4-5 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 137 Loss: 52
RPI: 25
SOS: 17
Last Week: def. Virginia Tech 64-61, lost at Georgia Tech 78-58
This Week: Clemson (Tue.)
The Tar Heels needed a comeback to top Virginia Tech, then were routed by a bad Georgia Tech team in Atlanta (their fourth straight loss to the Yellow Jackets). The good news for UNC: They next face a Clemson team they've never lost to in Chapel Hill. Otherwise, things are starting to look like they did last season for the Heels.

Chicago Pod

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5. Louisville Cardinals (Big East at-large)
Last Week: 8
14-3 overall; 3-1 conference; 2-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 3-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 7-0 vs. RPI 150+; 2-1 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 149 Loss: 29
RPI: 39
SOS: 47
Last Week: lost at Villanova 88-74, def. Marquette 71-70
This Week: St. John's (Wed.), at Providence (Sat.)
The Cardinals continue to defy expectations, especially with Rakeem Buckles and Jared Swopshire dealing with injuries. On Saturday, Louisville closed out Marquette with a 24-5 run. That win should provide a major confidence boost to Rick Pitino's team the rest of the way.

12. Southern Miss. Golden Eagles (C-USA auto)
Record: 12-3 overall; 3-1 conference; 1-0 vs. RPI Top 50; 2-3 vs. RPI 51-100; 7-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 146 Loss: 68
RPI: 54
SOS: 152
Last Week: won at Rice 81-78 (OT), def. UCF 86-69
This Week: Memphis (Wed.), at SMU (Sat.)
The Golden Eagles are in as the Conference USA leader, thanks to a dominant win over UCF on Saturday. They can make a huge statement to the rest of the league by toppling Memphis on Wednesday, even if the Tigers are down.

4. Purdue Boilermakers (Big Ten at-large)
Last Week: 2
15-3 overall; 4-1 conference; 1-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 7-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 6-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 135 Loss: 38
RPI: 15
SOS: 39
Last Week: lost at Minnesota 70-67, lost at West Virginia 68-64
This Week: Penn State (Wed.), Michigan State (Sat.)
Two consecutive difficult losses see the Boilermakers fall a line. They could fall further if they don't take care of business in two rough home games this week. Purdue did get some good news, a top 50 win courtesy of Valparaiso's rise in the Horizon League.

13. Oakland Golden Grizzlies (Summit auto)
11-8 overall; 7-0 conference; 1-6 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 8-0 vs. RPI 150+; 7-7 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 186 Loss: 40
RPI: 59
SOS: 58
Last Week: won at IPFW 86-68
This Week: at South Dakota State (Thu.), at North Dakota State (Sat.)
Oakland opened a three-game road swing with a win over IPFW, but will be challenged in the Dakotas, even if the Jackrabbits and Bison are mired in the middle of the standings.

Tampa Pod

88px-michigan_state_spartans_logo_medium Sms_bears_medium 120px-kentucky_medium 89px-ballstate_medium

6. Michigan St. Spartans (Big Ten at-large)
11-5 overall; 4-1 conference; 3-4 vs. RPI Top 50; 4-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 4-0 vs. RPI 150+; 3-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 129 Loss: 24
RPI: 19
SOS: 7
Last Week: def. Wisconsin 64-61 (OT), def. Northwestern 71-67 (OT)
This Week: at Illinois (Tue.), at Purdue (Sat.)
The Spartans grabbed two wins last week, but it wasn't easy, as both victories required the extra session. Michigan State faces two stern road tests in the week ahead, and a split would provide a nice boost to the team's seeding fortunes. NOTE: I flipped the Spartans and UNLV to balance out the bracket.

11. Missouri State Bears (Missouri Valley auto)
15-3 overall; 7-0 conference; 1-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 10-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 183 Loss: 60
RPI: 36
SOS: 129
Last Week: def. Southern Illinois 64-51, won at Bradley 78-67
This Week: at Indiana State (Wed,), Creighton (Sat.)
The Bears face a pair of difficult games this week. First, a road trip to a Sycamore team that's currently tied for second with Wichita State, then a home game with the Bluejays, who sit two games back.

3. Kentucky Wildcats (SEC auto)
14-3 overall; 2-1 conference; 4-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 148 Loss: 23
RPI: 12
SOS: 21
Last Week: def. Auburn 78-54, def. LSU 82-44
This Week: at Alabama (Tue.), at South Carolina (Sat.)
The Wildcats grabbed two easy conference wins last week, but face two tough road tests in the week ahead. Saturday, they'll look to avoid being upset in Columbia for the second straight year.

14. Ball St. Cardinals (MAC auto)
9-4 overall; 3-0 conference; 0-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 4-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 220 Loss: 22
RPI: 88
SOS: 240
Last Week: def. Western Michigan 72-63, def. Central Michigan 64-55
This Week: at Eastern MIchigan (Wed.), at Toledo (Sat.), Morehead State (Mon.)
The Cardinals are the only team who hasn't dropped a MAC game yet, so they replace Kent State in this week's field. Ball State gets two games against weak West Division opposition before stepping out of the league to take on OVC contender Morehead State.

Washington Pod

120px-gonzaga_medium 120px-colorado_medium 111px-uconn_logo_husky_medium 120px-fau_new_medium

7. Gonzaga Bulldogs (West Coast at-large)
12-5 overall; 3-0 conference; 3-4 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 6-0 vs. RPI 150+; 3-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 161 Loss: 31
RPI: 46
SOS: 29
Last Week: def. Pepperdine 92-75, def. Loyola Marymount 79-59
This Week: at Santa Clara (Thu.), at San Francisco (Sat.)
The Bulldogs are cruising through the early part of their West Coast Conference slate, but the team's non-league slate is providing some mixed results numbers-wise.

10. Colorado Buffaloes (Big 12 at-large)
Record: 14-4 overall; 3-0 conference; 3-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 3-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 190 Loss: 69
RPI: 71
SOS: 169
Last Week: won at Kansas State 74-66, def. Oklahoma State 75-71
This Week: at Nebraska (Tue.), at Oklahoma (Sat.)
The Buffaloes stampede into the bracket with three straight Big 12 (and top 50) wins. Three of the Buffs' four losses (at Georgia and Harvard, vs. New Mexico in Vegas) are respectable, but a loss at San Francisco by two could come back and haunt Colorado in terms of seeding. Two winnable road games await this week.

2. Connecticut Huskies (Big East at-large)
15-2 overall; 4-2 conference; 6-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 6-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-2 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 144 Loss: 10
RPI: 7
SOS: 25
Last Week: def. Rutgers 67-53, won at DePaul 82-62, def. Villanova 61-59
This Week: Tennessee (Sat.)
Three games in six days. Three wins. Monday's win over Villanova didn't start out well for either team, but it turned into a nice March preview at the end, and once again, Kemba Walker came up big. The Huskies will look to add another quality win to their non-league resume on Saturday.

15. Florida Atlantic Owls (Sun Belt auto)
12-6 overall; 6-0 conference; 0-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-2 vs. RPI 150+; 8-5 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 190 Loss: 107
RPI: 102
SOS: 233
Last Week: def. Manhattan 57-50, won at Middle Tennessee 71-61, won at Western Kentucky 78-73
This Week: Arkansas-Little Rock (Sat.)
The Owls swept Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky to move to 6-0 in the league, a game up in the win column on also unbeaten Denver. Those two meet just once, on February 10, in DU's Magness Arena.

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