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Southeast Region Team Profiles: 01/25/2011

RPI and schedule data from Basketball State (subscription), accessed on January 24, 2011. This information only reflects games played against Division I opponents through Monday, January 24, 2011.

Cleveland Pod

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1. Ohio St. Buckeyes (Big Ten auto)
Record: 20-0 overall; 7-0 conference; 4-0 vs. RPI Top 50; 5-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 7-0 vs. RPI 150+; 6-0 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 129 Loss: 0
RPI: 6
SOS: 55
RPI 1-50 Wins: at Florida, Minnesota, at Illinois, at Florida State
RPI 51-100 Wins: Penn State, Oakland, South Carolina, at Michigan, Miami (OH)
Last Week: def. Iowa 70-48, won at Illinois 73-68
This Week: Purdue (Tue.), at Northwestern (Sat.)
The Buckeyes finally dominated a team Wednesday night, blowing out Iowa, but they had to fight to stay perfect on Saturday, surviving a trip to Champaign to grab their 20th win of the season.

16. Long Beach St. 49ers (Big West auto)
Last Week: 15
9-10 overall; 6-2 conference; 0-5 vs. RPI Top 50; 0-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 5-3 vs. RPI 150+; 5-8 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 160 Loss: 113
RPI: 119
SOS: 72
Last Week: lost at Cal State Fullerton 89-87, at UC Irvine (Sat.)
This Week: at Pacific (Wed.), Cal State Fullerton (Sat.)
The 49ers dropped two straight road games, but remain here because their nearest challengers in the conference, Cal Poly and UC Santa Barbara dropped their third league games on Saturday. Pacific, Cal State Northridge, and UC Irvine also own three league losses heading into this week's play. A pair of four-loss teams are on the docket for LBSU this week.

8. St. Mary's Gaels (West Coast auto)
Last Week: 9
15-3 overall; 5-0 conference; 1-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 12-0 vs. RPI 150+; 6-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 178 Loss: 8
RPI: 41
SOS: 127
RPI 1-50 Wins: St. John's
RPI 51-100 Wins: San Francisco
Losses: BYU (N) (No. 2), at San Diego State (No. 3), at Vanderbilt (No. 18)
Last Week: def. San Diego 67-56, lost at Vanderbilt 89-70
This Week: at Gonzaga (Thu.), at Portland (Sat.)
The Gaels stayed unbeaten in the WCC by handling travel partner San Diego on Wednesday, but they missed many opportunities in losing to Vanderbilt in Nashville on Saturday. With the Gaels' lack of quality wins, that loss could come back to haunt them if they don't win the WCC tournament, or at least grab a share of the conference regular season crown. Speaking of which, the two biggest challengers for the title visit Moraga this week.

9. Arizona Wildcats (Pac-10 at-large)
Last Week: 8
16-4 overall; 5-2 conference; 0-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 3-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-1 vs. RPI 150+; 5-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 156 Loss: 64
RPI: 25
SOS: 46
RPI 1-50 Wins: None
RPI 51-100 Wins: California, at Washington State, at NC State
Bad (RPI 150+) Losses: at Oregon State
Other Losses: Kansas (N) (No. 1), at BYU (No. 2), at Washington (No. 22)
Last Week: lost at Washington 85-68, won at Washington State 65-63
This Week: UCLA (Thu.), USC (Sat.)
The Wildcats ceded control of the Pac-10 race to Washington Thursday night, but remain in good position for an at-large, especially after they came from behind against Washington State on Saturday night. Up next, a weekend at home against the L.A. schools, who have hopes of their own, particularly resurgent UCLA.

Tampa Pod

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5. Georgetown Hoyas (Big East at-large)
Last Week: 6
14-5 overall; 3-4 conference; 4-5 vs. RPI Top 50; 2-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 5-0 vs. RPI 150+; 8-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 123 Loss: 18
RPI: 9
SOS: 4
RPI 1-50 Wins: Missouri (N), at Old Dominion, Utah State, at Memphis
RPI 51-100 Wins: Coastal Carolina (N), NC State (N)
Losses: Pittsburgh (No. 5), at Notre Dame (No. 12), West Virginia (No. 14), at St. John's (No. 24), at Temple (No. 37)
Last Week: won at Seton Hall 80-75
This Week: St. John's (Wed.), at Villanova (Sat.), Louisville (Mon.)
The Hoyas won in Newark to get closer to .500 in the Big East, but again looked unconvincing. They could be in real trouble after this week, as three troublesome opponents (including a Red Storm team they lost to in the Garden) are on the slate.

12A. Butler Bulldogs (Horizon at-large)
13-7 overall; 6-3 conference; 3-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 6-2 vs. RPI 150+; 6-5 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 123 Loss: 88
RPI: 27
SOS: 23
RPI 1-50 Wins:
Cleveland State, Florida State (N), Valparaiso
RPI 51-100 Wins: Washington State (N)
Bad (RPI 150+) Losses: Milwaukee, at Milwaukee
Other Losses: Duke (N) (No. 10), at Xavier (No. 26), at Louisville (No. 39), at Wright State (No. 95), Evansville (No. 139)
Last Week: def. Green Bay 81-75, lost to Milwaukee 86-80 (OT)
This Week: at Valparaiso (Sat.)
The Bulldogs got all they could handle from the Phoenix on Friday night, falling behind early, then nearly blowing a big lead. Then, they lost to Milwaukee in overtime, which dropped them out of the lead pack. Saturday's game at co-leader Valpo is huge, but they may need to win the Horizon crown to get in at this point.

12B. Richmond Spiders (A-10 at-large)
15-5 overall; 4-1 conference; 1-1 vs. RPI Top 50; 2-3 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 7-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 177 Loss: 86
RPI: 61
SOS: 114
RPI 1-50 Wins: Purdue (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: VCU, Wright State (N)
Losses: at Old Dominion (No. 34), Rhode Island (No. 74), Bucknell (No. 83), at Iona (No. 85), Georgia Tech (N) (No. 148)
Last Week: def. George Washington 68-58, won at Massachusetts 84-68
This Week: at Dayton (Tue.), Xavier (Sat.)
The Spiders knocked surprising GW from the ranks of the unbeaten in the A-10 at midweek, then routed UMass in Amherst. The Spiders are in the thick of the A-10 race, just a game behind leader.

4. Kentucky Wildcats (SEC at-large)
Last Week: 3
15-4 overall; 3-2 conference; 3-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 2-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 9-0 vs. RPI 150+; 6-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 145 Loss: 50
RPI: 13
SOS: 18
RPI 1-50 Wins: Notre Dame (N), Washington (N), at Louisville
RPI 51-100 Wins: at Portland, at South Carolina
Losses: Connecticut (N) (No. 4), at North Carolina (No. 20), at Georgia (No. 42), at Alabama (No. 134)
Last Week: lost at Alabama 68-66, won at South Carolina 67-58
This Week: Georgia (Sat.)
The Wildcats fell behind big to Alabama and couldn't quite catch up, while they nearly gave South Carolina a chance to win after building a big lead. John Calipari's team gets a week before they attempt to avenge an early loss to Georgia.

13. Virginia Commonwealth Rams (CAA auto)
Record: 16-5 overall; 8-1 conference; 2-1 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-2 vs. RPI 51-100; 11-1 vs. RPI 150+; 8-5 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 184 Loss: 95
RPI: 55
SOS: 137
RPI 1-50 Wins: at Old Dominion, UCLA (N)
RPI 51-100 Wins: Drexel
Bad (RPI 150+) Losses: at Georgia State
Other Losses: Tennessee (N) (No. 17), at UAB (No. 54), at Richmond (No. 61), at South Florida (No. 126)
Last Week: def. Georgia State 71-54, def. Old Dominion 59-50, won at Towson 80-76
This Week: Hofstra (Wed.), UNC Wilmington (Sat.)
The Rams are tied with Hofstra, who they conveniently meet on Wednesday in Richmond, for the CAA lead. VCU and the Pride lead George Mason by a game, and a pack of three teams by two games.

Denver Pod

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6. Louisville Cardinals (Big East at-large)
Last Week: 5
15-4 overall; 4-2 conference; 3-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 3-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 7-0 vs. RPI 150+; 2-2 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 145 Loss: 47
RPI: 39
SOS: 44
RPI 1-50 Wins: St. John's, Butler, UNLV
RPI 51-100 Wins: Marquette, Marshall, San Francisco
Losses: at Villanova (No. 7), Kentucky (No. 13), Drexel (No. 63), at Providence (No. 105)
Last Week: def. St. John's 87-63, lost at Providence 72-67
This Week: West Virginia (Wed.), at Connecticut (Sat.), at Georgetown (Mon.)
The Cardinals didn't need a comeback on Wednesday, as they completely outclassed St. John's, but they couldn't hold off Providence Saturday, handing the Friars their first conference win of the year (and first after 17 straight Big East losses). The road ahead, with three very difficult games on the slate in six days, with two back-to-back roadies, could lead to real trouble for the Cardinals in a week's time.

11. Kansas St. Wildcats (Big 12 at-large)
Last Week: 10
Record: 13-7 overall; 2-4 conference; 0-6 vs. RPI Top 50; 5-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 7-0 vs. RPI 150+; 3-6 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 153 Loss: 33
RPI: 50
SOS: 19
RPI 1-50 Wins: None
RPI 51-100 Wins: Virginia Tech, Gonzaga (N), at Washington State, Baylor, James Madison
Losses: Duke (N) (No. 10), at Texas A&M (No. 16) Florida (N) (No. 19), at Missouri (No. 29), UNLV (N) (No. 31), at Oklahoma State (No. 40), Colorado (No. 84)
Last Week: lost at Texas A&M 64-56, def. Baylor 69-61
This Week: at Kansas (Sat.)
The Wildcats completely fell apart in the final two minutes in College Station on Saturday, but followed that disappointment up with a decent home win over Baylor, one that keeps the Cats in and Bears out. Still, K-State is barely hanging on, and things won't get easier, thanks to Saturday's visit to Lawrence.

3. BYU Cougars (MWC at-large)
Record: 18-1 overall; 5-0 conference; 4-1 vs. RPI Top 50; 3-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 5-0 vs. RPI 150+; 9-1 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 120 Loss: 49
RPI: 2
SOS: 20
RPI 1-50 Wins: Arizona, at UNLV, St. Mary's (N), Utah State
RPI 51-100 Wins: at Colorado State. UTEP, Vermont (N)
Losses: No. 49 UCLA (N)
Last Week: def. TCU 83-67, at Colorado State (Sat.)
This Week: San Diego State (Wed.), at New Mexico (Sat.)
The Cougars handled the Horned Frogs on Jackson Emery night, then got 42 from Jimmer Fredette as they took out Colorado State in Fort Collins. BYU will be without forwrd Chris Collinsworth for the remainder of the season after he underwent knee surgery on January 14.

14. Bucknell Bison (Patriot auto)
14-7 overall; 5-0 conference; 0-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 2-3 vs. RPI 51-100; 12-1 vs. RPI 150+; 7-6 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 214 Loss: 91
RPI: 83
SOS: 166
Last Week: def. Lafayette 75-56, def. Colgate 76-49
This Week: at Lehigh (Wed.), at Army (Sat.)
The Bison have rolled off two straight impressive wins after their two-point home win over Holy Cross on January 16th. They remain the only unbeaten in the conference.

Cleveland Pod

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7. North Carolina Tar Heels (ACC at-large)
Last Week: 9
13-5 overall; 3-1 conference; 1-4 vs. RPI Top 50; 3-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 3-0 vs. RPI 150+; 4-5 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 127 Loss: 46
RPI: 20
SOS: 13
RPI 1-50 Wins: Kentucky
RPI 51-100 Wins: Virginia Tech, College of Charleston, Clemson
Losses: Texas (N) (No. 15), Vanderbilt (N) (No. 18), Minnesota (N) (No. 23), at Illinois (No. 28), at Georgia Tech (No. 148)
Last Week: def. Clemson 75-65
This Week: at Miami (Wed.), NC State (Sat.)
The Tar Heels continued their home dominance over Clemson on Tuesday, but they next will have to win in Miami, which hasn't been the easiest thing to do this season (except for Florida State).

10. Missouri St. Bears (Missouri Valley auto)
Last Week: 11
16-4 overall; 8-1 conference; 1-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-1 vs. RPI 51-100; 10-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-4 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 178 Loss: 64
RPI: 36
SOS: 109
RPI 1-50 Wins: at Wichita State
RPI 51-100 Wins: at Northern Iowa
Losses: at Tennessee (No. 17), at Oklahoma State (No. 40), at Indiana State (No. 86), at Tulsa (No. 113)
Last Week: lost at Indiana State 70-69, def. Creighton 67-66
This Week: at Drake (Tue.), Northern Iowa (Sun.)
It was a week of contrasting close games for the Bears. After falling amidst controversial circumstances in Terre Haute on Wednesday night, they grabbed a one-point home win over Creighton, a contest they probably shouldn't have won.

2. Syracuse Orange (Big East at-large)
18-2 overall; 5-2 conference; 4-2 vs. RPI Top 50; 5-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 6-0 vs. RPI 150+; 5-1 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 127 Loss: 6
RPI: 22
SOS: 8
RPI 1-50 Wins: Notre Dame, Michigan State (N), at St. John's, Cincinnati
RPI 51-100 Wins: Drexel, Northern Iowa, Iona, Michigan (N), NC State
Losses: at Pittsburgh (No. 5), Villanova (No. 7)
Last Week: lost to Villanova 83-72
This Week: Seton Hall (Tue.), at Marquette (Sat.)
Kris Joseph returned for the loss against the Wildcats, but once again, the Orange struggled in an early tip, letting Villanova shoot over the zone, then penetrate for some chances, en route to a second straight loss.

15. Ball St. Cardinals (MAC auto)
Last Week: 14
11-5 overall; 5-0 conference; 0-3 vs. RPI Top 50; 1-0 vs. RPI 51-100; 11-1 vs. RPI 150+; 6-3 Road/Neutral
Average RPI win: 236 Loss: 24
RPI: 107
SOS: 311
Last Week: won at Eastern MIchigan 75-56, won at Toledo 70-60, lost to Morehead State 50-48
This Week: Kent State (Thu.), Ohio (Sat.)
The Cardinals swept their two road conference games this week, even though the contest against Toledo was far closer than expected. Ball State continues to separate itself for the moment, while the rest of the conference is beating each other up.

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