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college basketball

National Championship Game Open Thread

Blogging the Bracket has one last open thread for the National Championship game.

National Semifinal Open Thread

Midwest And South Regional Final Open Thread

East And West Regional Final Open Thread

Regional Semifinal Friday Open Thread

Blogging The Bracket has a regional semifinal open thread for Friday night's games.

NCAA Regional Semifinal Thursday Open Thread

Blogging The Bracket has a Thursday night open thread for the first night of the NCAA Regional Semifinals.

Sweet 16 Picks: A Sneak Peek

Blogging The Bracket shares its NCAA regional semifinal picks before action starts again Thursday night.

NCAA Tournament Second Round Sunday Open Thread: The Best Weekend Of The Year Ends

Blogging The Bracket has one final open thread for the first weekend.

NCAA Tournament Second Round Saturday Open Thread: Thursday's Winners Are Back

Blogging The Bracket has an open thread for Saturday's NCAA Tournament Second Round games.

NCAA First Round Friday Open Thread: Where Amazing Really Happens

Blogging The Bracket has an open thread for Friday's NCAA action, which can only hope to be as great as Thursday's.

NCAA Championship First Round Thursday Open Thread: The Madness Begins

Blogging The Bracket has an open thread for Thursday's NCAA First Round action.

Final NCAA Game Predictions: Please, Don't Take These Too Seriously

Blogging The Bracket delivers a quick rundown of its picks for the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

College Hoops Go-Round: November 29

Blogging the Bracket recaps Saturday's college basketball action, which there was plenty of, despite the fact it was Rivalry Saturday on the gridiron.

College Hoops Go-Round: November 17

Blogging the Bracket reviews Monday's college hoops action.

At This Point, I Must Beg At The Altar Of Wilbon For Forgiveness.

Injuries to two key players has Blogging the Bracket begging for forgiveness from Northwestern fans.

We Finally Have Sites for 2011-2013

Blogging the Bracket has the lowdown on 2011-2013 NCAA Tournament Sites.

Big East Conference Schedule Out

Blogging the Bracket interrupts lunch to let the world know the 2009-10 Big East Conference hoops schedule is out.

Off to New York...Normal Service Will Resume Soon

Spokane and Oklahoma City Switch Tourney Dates

Memphis Vacating Their 2008 Final Four Run?

Memphis may have to vacate wins from their 2008 Final Four season. However, unless the NCAA now has mind erasing technology, this won't mean much.

Shaking up the NBA Draft

Does the NBA Draft need fixing to save itself and the NCAA game? Here's a solution.

SBN Bracket Bonanza - The Race Going Into the Final Four

Sweet Sixteen Picks

With the Sweet Sixteen starting tomorrow night, Blogging the Bracket delivers a fresh set of picks for the regional semis.

Who Sprouted? Who Blew Away? (First Weekend Seed Performance)

With the first weekend of the tournament over and regionals about to begin, Blogging the Bracket takes a look at who played above their heads and who disappointed over the first four days of March Madness.

SBN Bracket Bonanza Round 2 Update

SBN Bracket Bonanza First Round Update

BtB Tourney Picks

On the Radio Today at 5:05 EDT and How Did BtB Do?

Selection Eve Review/Selection Sunday Preview

12 teams punched their dance tickets last night, while four can do the same today. Blogging the Bracket has a roundup of all the action.

Thrill a Minute Thursday Review/Friday Preview

It was a crazy Thursday of conference tournament action. Blogging the Bracket recaps it and takes a look ahead to Friday's action.

Busy Thursday Preview/Championship Wednesday Recap

There's a lot going on in college hoops today. Blogging the Bracket provides a quick rundown of most things on the line today.

12 Auto Bids Down, 19 Go