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Bracketology 2023: One Last Projection for the Road

This final version is only slightly different than this morning’s offering.

The top four seeds in each region of the final bracket projection of Sunday, March 12, 2023.
Graphic by Chris Dobbertean using logos from

Text-Only Bracket for Screen Readers and Seed List


  • Conference logos indicate auto bid holders.
  • Numbers in red squares indicate team’s position in the bracket’s top 16 (top four seed lines).
  • Colors next to seed numbers indicate bracket movement: yellow (new), green (seed up), red (seed down) relative to Sunday morning’s bracket.

Graphics by Chris Dobbertean using logos from either, Wikimedia Commons, or the institutions’ websites.

Graphic by Chris Dobbertean using logos from

Lowest-ranked NET at-large: Arizona State (66)
Lowest-ranked KenPom at-large: Arizona State (68)

Highest-ranked NET exclusion: North Texas (38)
Highest-ranked KenPom exclusion: Oklahoma State (38)

Bids By Conference

23 single-bid conferences

Ins and Outs (1)

In: Princeton (Ivy)
Out: Yale (Ivy)

Recap/picks will come on Tuesday.