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Bracketology 2023: The Lock and Bubble Picture 4 Weeks and 2 Days Before Selection Sunday

Things are starting to get very interesting, particularly in the Pac-12 and SEC.

The Cut Line picture for the projected bracket for Friday, February 10, 2023.
Graphic by Chris Dobbertean using logos from

Friday’s Full Bracket

Friday’s Text-Only Bracket and Seed List

Acknowledgements: NET rankings and records are accurate as of Friday, February 10, 2023 and reflect only games against Division I teams. Selection Sheet info is from

Before I get into the details of where each conference stands in terms of the bubble heading into the weekend, a quick reminder of how this all works.

  • As has been the case since 2011, the 2023 NCAA Tournament will feature 68 teams: 32 conference tournament winners who will claim automatic bids and 36 teams the Selection Committee will select at-large.
  • Of the 32 auto bids, it’s looking like 24 of those will come from conferences that are likely to earn one bid.
  • Combine the 8 likely multi-bid auto bid holders with the 36 at-large teams, and you’re left with 44 spots that are up for grabs. (Of course, if the power conference tournaments go haywire like they did in 2021, this number will decline as Selection Sunday gets closer.)

So, How Many of the 44 Spots Remain Open on February 10th?

Based on the designations below:

  • 17 teams are currently locks.
  • 11 teams are near-locks.
  • That’s 28 of 44 spots gone, leaving just 16 for the bubble. If you subtract the 6 teams that are in good shape with one month to go, that number drops to 10.

But What Exactly Is a “Lock” With 4 Weeks to Play?

While there is an element of “you know it when you see it” involved here, I consider a power conference team a lock based on simple math. For an example, I’ll look at Kansas, who isn’t the “lock of locks” at the moment (that’s Purdue), but still has a good enough record that they’re not going anywhere.

  • Kansas is currently 19-5.
  • The Jayhawks have 7 regular-season games remaining and a minimum of 1 conference tournament game.
  • Assuming each and every single one of these 8 remaining games is a loss, KU’s Selection Sunday record would be 19-13.
  • Considering that the most losses for an at-large team is 15—shared by a trio of recent 19-15 SEC squads (2017 Vanderbilt, 2018 Alabama, and 2019 Florida)—and that Kansas’s metrics are likely to still be very good, given the strength of the Big 12 and their earlier results, I would still expect the Jayhawks to be in the field even after losing streak that would fly in the face of all logic, common sense, and recent performances.
  • In other words, if a power conference team can go on a nonsensical losing streak over the final five weeks and while being mathematically able to get to 18-14 or 19-15 (when we get to the final week), it will be classified as a “lock” or “near lock” following an examination of its selection sheet and metrics.
  • As the weeks go on, I’ll update the math, but it will still apply the same general principles.

Naturally, the standards for mid-major programs will be different because of the quality of their remaining opponents, who won’t rate as highly. That’s very important to note after last night.

All game times are p.m. Eastern, unless noted.

American Athletic

Lock (1)

  • Houston (23-2/11-1 AAC/11-1 vs. Q1 & Q2/4-1 vs. Q1/NET: 1/KenPom: 1—1 Q3 loss: Temple (H))

First Four Out

  • Memphis (18-6/8-3/5-5/1-2/42/37—1 Q3 loss: Tulane (H))

Also Considered

  • UCF (14-9/5-6/5-6/1-2/66/63—3 Q3 losses: Temple (H), South Florida (A), and UNC Asheville (H))
  • Cincinnati (15-9/7-5/2-8/0-5/78/61—1 Q3 loss: Northern Kentucky (A))
  • Tulane (16-9/9-3/5-3/1-2/86/79—3 Q3 losses: Fordham (H), George Mason (N), and Western Kentucky (N) and 1 Q4 loss: Tulsa (A))

Auto Bid Only: Temple (14-11), Wichita State (12-12), East Carolina (12-12), South Florida (10-14), SMU (9-16), Tulsa (5-18)

The Games Ahead

Saturday: East Carolina at Tulane, 3 (ESPN+ ($)) | South Florida at Cincinnati, 7 (ESPN+ ($)) | Tulsa at UCF, 7 (ESPN+ ($))

Sunday: Temple at Memphis, 12 (ESPN2)

Memphis is now the First Team Out®, despite losing twice to Tulane, who is now on the board, though the Green Wave’s hopes are dimmed four bad losses. Houston, now solidly the No. 3 team overall nationally, has a bye this weekend.


Locks (2)

  • Virginia (18-4/10-3 ACC/8-4/4-4/14/14)
  • Miami (19-5/10-4/8-4/6-4/31/30—1 Q3 loss: Georgia Tech (A))

Consecutive wins at Clemson and over Duke in Coral Gables locked up the Canes’ bid.

Near Locks (1)

The Wolfpack must win at Boston College in their last regular-season opportunity to record a bad loss.

In Good Shape (2)

  • Duke (17-7/8-5/7-7/2-7/29/33)
  • Pittsburgh (17-7/10-3/8-6/4-2/52/60—1 Q4 loss: Florida State (H))

The Panthers still play the ACC’s four worst teams, so they’ll need to avoid quite a few banana peels before earning lock status.

Bubble IN (Auto Bid Holder)

  • Clemson (18-6/10-3/7-3/3-2/70/72—1 Q3 loss: Boston College (A) and 2 Q4 losses: Loyola Chicago (N) and South Carolina (A))

The Tigers remain in the bracket simply because they defeated Pitt and haven’t played Virginia yet. With middling metrics and three bad losses, Clemson would be on the outside looking in should it end up in the at-large pool.

First Four Out

  • Wake Forest (16-9/8-6/5-8/2-6/67/66—1 Q3 loss: LSU (N))

The Demon Deacons dominated UNC for the majority of Tuesday night’s 92-85 win. When combined with Wake’s victories over Duke and Wisconsin, that pushes Steve Forbes’ club ahead of the Tar Heels. Wake cannot give those gains away by losing to Georgia Tech at home on Saturday afternoon.

Next Four Out

While the Tar Heels’ metrics are still okay, they still have just one Quad 1 win, over an 11-13 Ohio State squad that’s currently off the board.

Also Considered

  • Virginia Tech (14-10/4-9/5-8/3-5/55/59—1 Q3 loss: Boston College (A) and 1 Q4 loss: Boston College (H))
  • Syracuse (15-10/8-6/1-7/0-5/96/88—3 Q3 losses: St. John’s (N), Colgate (H), and Bryant (H))

The Hokies are 0-7 in true road games and were swept by Boston College, so Saturday’s home win over Virginia now sits a bit in the background. Syracuse’s lone Q1 or Q2 win, however, came against Virginia Tech in the Dome.

Auto Bid Only: Boston College (12-13); Notre Dame (10-14); Georgia Tech (8-15); Florida State (8-17); Louisville (3-21)

The Games Ahead

Saturday: Pittsburgh at Florida State, 12 (ESPNU) | NC State at Boston College, 12 (ACC RSNs/ACCNX) | Clemson at North Carolina, 2 (ESPN2) | Virginia Tech at Notre Dame, 2 (ACC RSNs/ACCNX) | Duke at Virginia, 4 (ESPN) | Georgia Tech at Wake Forest, 5 (ACCN) | Louisville at Miami, 7 (ACCN)

Monday: Miami at North Carolina, 7 (ESPN)

Pitt, NC State, and Virginia Tech all face tricky Saturday road trips—at least Wake hosts Georgia Tech. Duke has an opportunity to boost its seeding by winning at Virginia, while Clemson can help itself a bit by recording a second-ever win in Chapel Hill. The Tar Heels, meanwhile, host Miami on Monday night, a game they need to stay in the hunt.

Big 12

Locks (4)

Near Locks (2)

  • Iowa State (16-7/7-4/9-7/7-7/13/18)
  • TCU (17-7/6-5/9-6/5-6/24/24—1 Q4 loss: Northwestern St. (H))

The Horned Frogs have dropped three of their last four, so they’re wobbling a bit.

In Good Shape (1)

  • West Virginia (15-9/4-7/8-9/5-9/19/15)

The Mountaineers, on the other hand, have won four of five—the exception being their trip to Fort Worth.

Last Four Byes (1)

  • Oklahoma State (15-9/6-5/7-8/4-6/34/31—1 Q3 loss: Southern Illinois (H))

The Cowboys have quietly won four straight and six of seven to move more solidly into the field.

Auto Bid Only: Oklahoma (12-12), Texas Tech (12-12)

The Games Ahead

Saturday: West Virginia at Texas, 12 (ESPN2) | Kansas at Oklahoma, 1 (CBS) | Baylor at TCU, 4 (ESPN2) | Oklahoma State at Iowa State, 6 (ESPN2) | Kansas State at Texas Tech, 7 (ESPN+ ($))

Monday: Texas at Texas Tech, 9 (ESPN) | West Virginia at Baylor, 9 (ESPN2)

One thing the Big 12’s contenders don’t need to worry about is picking up a bad late loss. The closest thing may be a game against Texas Tech—who both K-State and Texas must visit between now and Tuesday’s update.

Big East

Locks (3)

  • Xavier (19-5/11-2 Big East/11-4/6-4/25/23—1 Q3 loss: DePaul (A))
  • UConn (19-6/8-6/8-5/6-5/6/6—1 Q3 loss: St. John’s (H))
  • Marquette (19-6/11-3/8-6/4-5/16/11)

Near Locks (2)

  • Creighton (16-8/10-3/7-7/3-5/15/9)
  • Providence (18-6/10-3/5-6/3-5/39/29)

The Bluejays’ record is finally starting to match its metrics, which puts them in great position to eventually crash the 4 or 5 seed lines.

Also Considered

  • Seton Hall (15-10/8-6/5-9/3-6/59/57)
  • St. John’s (14-11/4-10/2-10/1-7/101/89—1 Q3 loss: Villanova (H))

The Pirates had a great opportunity when they hosted Creighton on Wednesday night—one they missed in dropping a 75-62 decision. The Red Storm’s record and win at UConn keep them here for the moment, but five losses in six games (with the win being over Georgetown by a bucket) mean they’re trending toward the group below.

Auto Bid Only: Butler (12-13); Villanova (11-13); DePaul (9-16); Georgetown (6-19)

The Games Ahead

Friday: Xavier at Butler, 7 (FS1)

Saturday: Providence at St. John’s, 12 (Fox) | Marquette at Georgetown, 12 (FS1) | UConn at Creighton, 2 (Fox) | Seton Hall at Villanova, 8 (FS1)

The drop could come as soon as Saturday afternoon, as St. John’s hosts Providence at Madison Square Garden. On the flip side, Creighton can lock itself into the protected seed race by beating UConn at home.

Big Ten

Lock (1)

  • Purdue (23-2/12-2 Big Ten/13-2/9-2/4/5)

Still the most likely No. 1 overall seed despite losing at Indiana on Saturday.

Near Locks (4)

  • Indiana (17-7/8-5/8-7/4-6/20/21)
  • Rutgers (16-8/8-5/8-7/4-5/21/17—1 Q3 loss: Temple (N))
  • Illinois (16-7/7-5/7-7/3-5/26/26)
  • Iowa (15-9/7-6/10-8/7-6/35/32—1 Q4 loss: Eastern Illinois (H))

The winner of Rutgers-Illinois Saturday will be promoted, as will Indiana with a win at Michigan.

In Good Shape (3)

  • Michigan State (15-9/7-6/8-8/6-7/41/41—1 Q3 loss: Notre Dame (A))
  • Maryland (16-8/7-6/7-8/3-8/28/25)
  • Northwestern (17-7/8-5/8-7/6-4/49/51)

Last Four Byes (1)

First Four Out

  • Penn State (14-10/5-8/5-10/2-6/62/56)

With the Badgers ending up seeded outside of the First Four, they didn’t exactly switch places with Nittany Lions following Wednesday night’s 79-74 overtime win, but they did trade postseason fates for the moment.

Next Four Out

  • Michigan (14-10/8-5/6-9/2-8/64/52—1 Q4 loss: Central Michigan (H))

The Wolverines’ three-game win streak has put them back in the conversation, but two games against each of Indiana and Wisconsin and single contests against Michigan State (H), Rutgers (A), and Illinois (A) will give Michigan opportunities to move higher up the pecking order.

Auto Bid Only: Ohio State (11-13), Nebraska (11-14), Minnesota (7-15)

The Games Ahead

Saturday: Penn State at Maryland, 12 (BTN) | Rutgers at Illinois, 2 (FS1) | Wisconsin at Nebraska, 4 (BTN) | Indiana at Michigan, 6 (ESPN)

Sunday: Michigan State at Ohio State, 1 (CBS) | Iowa at Minnesota, 1 (FS1) | (10) Purdue at Northwestern, 2 (BTN)

Wisconsin and Iowa must avoid bad losses this weekend, while Michigan State won’t want to give Ohio State new life. Otherwise, Michigan has a great opportunity to boost its stock in hosting Indiana, while Northwestern will hope Purdue’s visit to Welsh-Ryan goes better than the Wolverines’ recent visit did. Penn State, meanwhile, must beat Maryland to avoid being passed by more bubble rivals.


In Good Shape (1)

  • San Diego State (18-5/10-2 MW/8-5/4-4/22/22)

Last Four Byes (1)

  • Nevada (18-6/9-3/8-6/3-4/30/58)

The Wolf Pack have defeated San Diego State at home and New Mexico on the road in the past 11 days to establish themselves as the Mountain West’s second best bet for an at-large.

Last Four IN (2)

  • New Mexico (18-5/6-5/4-3/3-3/38/47—2 Q3 losses: UNLV (H) and Fresno State (A))
  • Boise State (17-6/9-3/7-4/2-3/27/28—1 Q3 loss: Charlotte (N) and 1 Q4 loss: South Dakota State (H))

The Lobos have dropped three of four (with the lone win being over Air Force), so their road wins over Saint Mary’s and San Diego State are increasingly important for their at-large hopes. As for the Broncos, their struggles against their rivals in the Mountain West’s top tier have kept them from safety.

Also Considered

  • Utah State (18-6/8-4/6-4/0-4/33/44—2 Q4 losses: Weber State (H) and SMU (N))
  • UNLV (15-8/5-7/5-4/2-3/82/81—3 Q3 losses: San Francisco (H), Colorado State (H), and Fresno State (A) and 1 Q4 loss: Fresno State (H))
  • San José State (13-10/5-6/2-7/0-6/110/108—3 Q3 losses: Hofstra (H), Fresno State (A), and Pacific (A))

Both UNLV and SJSU have lost to Fresno State in the past week, with the Runnin’ Rebels now swept by the Bulldogs. Those defeats have helped to all but eliminate both squads from the at-large picture. As for Utah State, its metrics still don’t match its on the court performance—which sees the Aggies winless against Quad 1 and only 3-2 against Quad 4. That won’t cut it.

Auto Bid Only: Air Force (12-13); Colorado State (10-14); Fresno State (8-14); Wyoming (6-16)

The Games Ahead

Friday: New Mexico at Air Force, 9 (FS1) | Fresno State at Nevada, 11 (FS1)

Saturday: UNLV at San Diego State, 4 (Fox) | Wyoming at Boise State, 8 (CBSSN) | Utah State at San José State, 10 (CBSSN)

The Aggies can add another nail to the Spartans’ coffin on Saturday, however. Elsewhere, danger lurks as Nevada hosts resurgent Fresno, New Mexico travels to Air Force, and SDSU welcomes UNLV to Viejas. Boise has perhaps the easiest assignment, as Wyoming will be playing shorthanded the rest of the way.


Locks (2)

Last Four Byes (1)

  • USC (17-7/9-4/7-6/2-4/57/42—1 Q4 loss: FGCU (H))

First Four Out

  • Oregon (15-10/9-5/8-8/4-6/50/43—2 Q3 losses: Utah Valley (H) and UC Irvine (H)) (T)

Last night, the Ducks shook up the Pac-12 and the bubble by blasting the Trojans, 78-60. A win over UCLA on Saturday night will likely push Oregon into Tuesday’s bracket.

Next Four Out

  • Arizona State (17-8/6-6/6-7/3-2/63/65—1 Q4 loss: Texas Southern (A))

Also Considered

  • Utah (16-9/9-5/3-8/2-5/54/53—1 Q3 loss: Stanford (H))
  • Colorado (14-11/6-8/5-6/2-4/68/58—4 Q3 losses: Washington (H), UMass (N), Oregon State (A), and Grambling State (A) and 1 Q4 loss: California (A))

Auto Bid Only: Washington (13-12), Stanford (10-14); Washington State (10-15); Oregon State (8-16); California (3-21)

The Games Ahead

Saturday: USC at Oregon State, 6 (Pac-12 Networks) | Arizona at Stanford, 8 (ESPN2) | Arizona State at California, 8 (Pac-12 Networks) | UCLA at Oregon, 10 (ESPN) | Colorado at Utah, 10 (FS1)

The two most important games of the weekend are at the same time on Saturday evening—7 Pacific—as Oregon hosts UCLA with the aim of crashing the field and Colorado heads to the huntsman Center for an elimination game that’s not quite one.


Locks (2)

While Bama is now No. 2 overall, Tennessee has dropped from the 2 seed line following Wednesday’s loss at Vanderbilt.

Near Locks (1)

  • Missouri (18-6/6-5/7-6/3-6/51/55)

The Tigers took care of business at South Carolina on Tuesday after dropping a Saturday trip to Miss. State.

Bubble IN (1)

  • Auburn (17-7/7-4/7-7/2-5/32/27)

The Tigers have been demoted following consecutive road losses to Tennessee and Texas A&M.

Last Four Byes (1)

  • Arkansas (17-7/6-5/6-6/2-5/23/19—1 Q3 loss: LSU (A))

The Hogs are getting healthy at the right time, and Tuesday’s win at Rupp Arena pushes them a little bit further up the seed list.

Last Four IN

  • Texas A&M (17-7/9-2/4-5/2-4/37/35—2 Q4 losses: Murray State (N) and Wofford (H))
  • Kentucky (16-8/7-4/7-6/1-7/40/40—1 Q4 loss: South Carolina (H))

The Aggies, currently in second place, are now in the field after that win over Auburn, while Kentucky continues to teeter.

Next Four Out

The Bulldogs have won home games over Missouri and LSU over the past week to get back in the hunt, but they’ll need to improve their 4-7 SEC record and 2-4 road mark to move any higher up.

Also Considered

  • Florida (13-11/6-5/3-11/2-9/47/44)

Auto Bid Only: Georgia (14-10), Vanderbilt (12-12), LSU (12-12), Ole Miss (10-14), South Carolina (8-16)

If Vandy wins at Florida on Saturday, the two squads will swap places. In terms of games against contenders, Florida only has a road trip to resurgent Arkansas and home contest against Kentucky left. That means the Gators are going to have to make a run in the SEC Tournament to earn a bid.

The Games Ahead

Saturday: Kentucky at Georgia, 12 (ESPN) | Alabama at Auburn, 2 (ESPN) | Vanderbilt at Florida, 3:30 (SECN) | Mississippi State at Arkansas, 6 (ESPNU) | Missouri at Tennessee, 6 (SECN) | Texas A&M at LSU, 8:30 (SECN)

Mississippi State and Missouri have huge opportunities on the road this weekend, while Auburn gets Bama at home. Kentucky must be wary of Georgia, and the same goes for A&M as it travels to Baton Rouge.


Locks (2)

  • Gonzaga (19-5/9-2 WCC/8-4/3-4/12/16—1 Q3 loss: Loyola Marymount (H))
  • Saint Mary’s (19-4/10-1/8-3/2-1/7/7—2 Q3 losses: Washington (N) and Colorado State (H))

On the Bubble

  • Loyola Marymount (16-9/7-5/5-5/3-2/95/95—4 Quad 3 losses: San Francisco (H), UC Riverside (H), Pacific (A), and San Diego (A))
  • Santa Clara (17-8/6-5/3-6/1-5/90/90—1 Quad 3 loss: San José State (H) and 1 Quad 4 loss: Pacific (H))

With LMU’s 78-74 overtime win at Saint Mary’s Thursday night, the potential of a three-bid WCC has increased, though it may take this scenario in Las Vegas:

  • Loyola Marymount earns the 3 or 4 seed in the WCC Tournament and a bye to Saturday’s quarterfinals.
  • The Lions win that game and advance to Monday’s semifinals (remember that the WCC doesn’t play on Sunday because of BYU) where they meet either Gonzaga or Saint Mary’s who come into their first tournament game cold.
  • LMU wins that game to get to the final on Tuesday night when anything can happen.

Auto Bid Only: BYU (14-11), San Francisco (14-12), Pacific (11-13), Portland (11-14), San Diego (9-15); Pepperdine (7-17)

The Games Ahead

Saturday: Saint Mary’s at Portland, 6 (CBSSN) | Loyola Marymount at Santa Clara, 7 (NBCS California/Stadium College Sports Pacific/WCCN) | BYU at Gonzaga, 10 (ESPN2)

LMU-Santa Clara sets up as a huge game for seeding, given the WCC’s stepladder bracket format. Saint Mary’s travels to Portland needing to rebound, while Gonzaga hosts BYU for the final time as conference rivals, unless the Bulldogs end up following the Cougars to the Big 12.


Near Locks (1)

  • Florida Atlantic (21-2/13-1 C-USA/5-2/2-1/18/34)

The Owls have started winning again and are just about there.

Also Considered

  • Charleston (22-3/11-2 CAA/3-1/0-1/58/70—2 Q3 losses: Hofstra (H) and Drexel (A))

The Cougars obliterated UNCW, 93-61, on Wednesday night to give their metrics a boost. However, those two Q3 losses may be too much for Charleston to overcome.

The Games Ahead

Most intriguing games are in bold.

Friday: Kent State at Buffalo, 6 (ESPN2) | Fairfield at Rider, 7 (ESPNU/ESPN+ ($)) | Youngstown State at Purdue Fort Wayne, 7 (ESPN+ ($)) | Akron at Ohio, 7:30 (CBSSN) | Saint Louis at Dayton, 8 (ESPN2) | Northern Kentucky at Wright State, 9 (ESPNU/ESPN+ ($))

Saturday: Colgate at Bucknell, 12 (ESPN+ ($)) | Army West Point at Navy, 1:30 (CBSSN) | Southern Illinois at Drake, 2 (ESPNU/ESPN+ ($)) | Hofstra at Monmouth, 2 (SNY/FloHoops ($)) | Western Carolina at Furman, 2 (SoCon Nexstar affiliates/ESPN+ ($)) | UIC at Belmont, 2 (ESPN3) | Murray State at Bradley, 2 (ESPN3) | Cornell at Brown, 2 (ESPN+ ($)) | Princeton at Dartmouth, 2 (ESPN+ ($)) | Penn at Harvard, 2 (ESPN+ ($)) | UNC Asheville at Presbyterian, 2 (ESPN+ ($)) | Louisiana Tech at Florida Atlantic, 2 (ESPN+ ($))

Oral Roberts at Western Illinois, 3 (ESPN+ ($)) | ULM at Southern Miss., 3:30 (ESPN+ ($)) | Middle Tennessee at UAB, 4 (Stadium) | Charleston at Hampton, 4 (FloHoops ($)) | Howard at Delaware State, 4 (DSU on YouTube) | Morgan State at NC Central, 4 (NCCU stream) | Alcorn State at Bethune-Cookman, 4 (BCU on YouTube) | Lamar at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 4:30 (ESPN+ ($)) | Nicholls State at Southeastern Louisiana, 4:30 (ESPN+ ($)) | Morehead State at Southeast Missouri State, 5 (ESPN+ ($)) | Central Connecticut State at Fairleigh Dickinson, 5 (ESPN+ ($)) | Louisiana at Troy, 5 (ESPN+ ($))

Radford at Charleston Southern, 5:30 (ESPN+ ($)) | Charlotte at North Texas, 6 (ESPN+ ($)) | Eastern Washington at Idaho, 6:30 (SWX/ESPN+ ($)) | Prairie View A&M at Southern, 6:30 (Southern U. stream) | Texas Southern at Grambling State, 6:30 (Grambling stream) | UMass Lowell at Vermont, 7 (ESPN3) | Columbia at Yale, 7 (ESPN+ ($)) | Oakland at Milwaukee, 7 (ESPN+ ($)) | Eastern Kentucky at Liberty, 7 (ESPN+ ($)) | Sam Houston State at Abilene Christian, 7 (ESPN+ ($)) | Southern Utah at Utah Valley, 8 (ESPN+ ($))

Grand Canyon at Seattle U, 10 (ESPN+ ($)) | UC Davis at UC Santa Barbara, 10 (ESPN+ ($)) | UC Riverside at UC Irvine, 10:30, (ESPNU/ESPN+ ($)) | Cal State Fullerton at Hawai’i, 12 a.m. (Spectrum Sports Hawai’i/ESPN+ ($))

Sunday: Robert Morris at Purdue Fort Wayne, 1 (ESPN+ ($)) | Youngstown State at Cleveland State, 1 (ESPN+ ($)) | Marist at Siena, 2 (ESPN+ ($))

Monday: Northeastern at Charleston, 7 (FloHoops ($)) | Drexel at Hofstra, 7 (FloHoops ($)) | Delaware State at Norfolk State, 7:30 ( | Maryland-Eastern Shore at Howard, 7:30 (Howard stream) | Alcorn State at Florida A&M, 7:30 (FAMU on Facebook Watch) | Prairie View A&M at Grambling State, 8 (Grambling stream) | Texas Southern at Southern, 9 (HBCU Go/The Grio)

There is a ton of good mid-major action on tap this weekend. With the first conference tournament (the ASUN) starting in just 17 days, you might want to start tuning in for a March preview.

I’ll be back Tuesday with yet another bracket update.