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Bracketology 2022: The Big Day Arrives

Outside of the last couple of spots, most variables seem to have already sorted themselves out.

The top four seeds in each region of the projected bracket of the morning of Selection Sunday, March 13, 2022.
Graphic by Chris Dobbertean. Logos from

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Acknowledgements: NET rankings and records are accurate as of Sunday, March 13, 2022. Both reflect only games against Division I teams. Selection Sheet info is from Team logos are from Chris Creamer’s

Teams with a gold background have secured automatic bids.
✴️ = new bracket entrants
⬆️ and ⬇️ = bracket returnees’ seed movement relative to Saturday’s bracket
(#) = Overall rank of the top 16 teams (top four seeds in each region)

Sunday Morning’s Bubble Picture

Your Selection Sunday Viewing Guide

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Check out T.J. Rives and Tyler Jones as they recap Saturday and look ahead to Sunday’s matchups. I’ll be back for Selection Sunday night reaction show!

This morning, I did a full scrub of the bracket, so my final offering shouldn’t be too much different than this one. Saturday’s results firmed up a few things:

  • With Kentucky’s loss to Tennessee in the SEC semifinals, the four No. 1 seeds will almost assuredly be Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas, and Baylor in that order.
  • If the SEC and Big Ten didn’t play their conference title games on Sunday afternoon, I could see Tennessee jumping Purdue if the Vols win in Tampa and the Boilermakers lose in Indianapolis. But with the latter game ending right before festivities begin, the Selection Committee will need to have some contingencies in place.
  • Providence remains on my projected 4 line over Houston because of the Friars’ quality wins. Remember that the Cougars ended up not being in the sneak peek Top 16 despite being a Top 5 NET team thanks to a lack of Quad 1 wins.
  • Given how Texas A&M’s selection sheet has improved over the past couple of days, especially when compared to those of its competition, the Aggies should be in win or lose. Teams like SMU, Rutgers, Oklahoma, and Xavier, however, must cheer for a Davidson victory in the Atlantic 10 championship game (1 p.m., CBS) to ensure Richmond doesn’t pop a bubble.

I will post one last bracket between 5 and 5:30 p.m. Eastern, depending on the speed of the Big Ten and American finals.