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2022 Bracket Projections

Bracketology 2023: A First Look at the Bubble Picture

Thanks to the struggles of the Atlantic 10 and a backloaded AAC schedule, just eight conferences currently look like they’ll place more than one team in 2023’s field of 68.

Bracketology 2022: Checking Our Work with College Basketball Coast to Coast

I’m not sure if this was my best season ever, but it’s close.

Bracketology 2022: One Final Look at the Bubble for 2022

Richmond’s win in the Atlantic 10 final relegated someone to the NIT. But who it will end up being is anybody’s guess. I’ve made mine for better or worse.

Bracketology 2022: The Season’s Final Projection

The Selection Show starts in a short time. I’ll be back tonight with a quick recap of how well I did this season.

Bracketology 2022: The Big Day Arrives

Outside of the last couple of spots, most variables seem to have already sorted themselves out.

Bracketology 2022: (High) Quality Wins or Metrics?

Which will the Selection Committee value the most this season? We’ll find out tonight, but I’m leaning toward the former.

Bracketology 2022: So Much Still Up in the Air with Two Days Left

Beyond the bubble, you could see some changes among the top four seeds after Saturday. The fourth No. 1 seed and fourth No. 4 seed both seem to be up for grabs heading into the final day and a half before the Selection Show.

Bracketology 2022: Major Changes Around the Cut Line Heading Into Selection Saturday

Indiana and Virginia Tech now safe? Oklahoma still in? Rutgers out? What about Texas A&M and Dayton?

Bracketology 2022: Friday Afternoon’s Action Tightened the Bubble Significantly

Davidson did what it needed to to solidify an at-large. Indiana might have done the same. And then Texas A&M shook up both the bubble picture and the race for the final No. 1 seed.

Bracketology 2022: A Loaded Friday Is Underway

There are 17 bubble games on today’s schedule, so get comfortable.

Bracketology 2022: The Friday Morning Bubble Picture

Yesterday’s action saw significant shuffling around the cut line. Expect to see even more with today’s busy schedule.

Bracketology 2022: Your Thursday Night Bubble Picture

A quick rundown of who has locked up 2022 NCAA Men’s Tournament bids, along with capsules on the teams on either side of the cut line. Updated after Thursday’s afternoon games.

Bracketology 2022: We’ve Hit Peak Championship Fortnight

There are 61 games on tap today. Amazingly, none of them will offer up an automatic bid, but there are 12 contests with bubble implications scattered about.

Bracketology 2022: The Cut Line Picture Heading Into Thursday’s Play

A quick rundown of who has locked up 2022 NCAA Men’s Tournament bids, along with capsules on the teams on either side of the cut line.

Bracketology 2022: A Few Games of Bubble Interest for Your Wednesday

Today’s action is a mere appetizer for what’s to come on Thursday and Friday.

Bracketology 2022: Chalk in the WCC Semifinals Leads to Few Changes

There was some shifting on the bottom four seed lines; however, thanks to the night’s conference tournament results.

Bracketology 2022: Loyola Chicago Was a Bubble Team’s Best Friend on Sunday

The Ramblers edged Drake in the Arch Madness final, 64-58, to claim one last Missouri Valley title and ensure the conference would place just one team in the 2022 NCAA Tournament. Rutgers was the immediate beneficiary of Loyola’s victory, but the door is now a bit more open for a slew of other teams set to take the floor later this week.

Bracketology 2022: One Week

In just seven days, we will have an actual bracket for the 2021 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. What twists and turns await us in those intervening hours? Saturday might have given us a sneak preview.

Bracketology 2022: Entering the Homestretch

For some, the regular season comes to a close this weekend. For others, the dreams of an NCAA bid might just end today or tomorrow. Here’s a look at where things stand on this Saturday, as I move to daily (at a minimum) projections from now until Selection Sunday.

Bracketology 2022: Welcome to the Month of Madness!

On February’s final Saturday, the top six teams in the AP poll all lost on the same day for the first time ever. If that’s a preview of what’s to come between now and April 4th, college basketball fans will experience a great month.

Bracketology 2022: February Draws to Close ...

With so much to still be decided, including the sorting of the crowded bubble picture.

Bracketology 2022: Building Off the Committee’s Sneak Peek

The top four lines of Friday’s bracket largely resembled the Selection Committee’s top 16, revealed one day later. The differences (and similarities, for that matter) will guide this exercise over the remaining three weeks of the season.

Bracketology 2022: A Lock and Bubble Update Before Saturday’s Sneak Peek

The Selection Committee will reveal who it has placed on the top four seed lines on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET on CBS. What they reveal will guide my projections the rest of the way.

Bracketology 2022: The Bubble Is Not a Place for the Claustrophobic

Things have started to get crowded near the cut line after a very busy four days.

Bracketology 2022: Time to Lock in Some Bids

Did you realize that exactly one month after the Super Bowl kicks off, we will have a bracket? This season is flying by.

Bracketology 2022: Kentucky Claims the Fourth No. 1 Seed (For Now)

The Wildcats have looked largely dominant of late, but some of their rise is due to the struggles of Baylor, Duke, Kansas, and UCLA.

Bracketology 2022: Arizona Defeats UCLA; Wildcats Replace Bruins on Top Line

The new Pac-12 leader jumped Kentucky, who struggled a bit at home against Vanderbilt on Wednesday, to stay on seed line No. 2.

Bracketology 2022: UCLA Rises to the Top Line; Kentucky Edging Closer

Further down the bracket, while the SEC won its challenge series against the Big 12, the latter conference has a slight edge in bids as February begins.

Bracketology 2022: The Big 12 and SEC Take the Saturday Spotlight

This weekend’s slate features what are likely to be the most meaningful non-conference games until March Madness tips off.

Bracketology 2022: Traditional Powers Start to Revolt

Kansas and Michigan State haven’t managed to crack the top seed line yet, but this weekend’s results pushed both ever closer.

Bracketology 2022: Welcome Wisconsin to the Land of the No. 1 Seeds

The Badgers have been racking up quality wins and passed Purdue following the Boilermakers’ Thursday night loss at Indiana.

Bracketology 2022: Auburn rises to the top after Baylor’s rough week

Both the Tigers and Gonzaga jumped the Bears, who lost two home games after ascending to the top spot in the bracket and the polls. Note that I’m trying a couple of new things in today’s post, so your feedback is welcome.