Schmolik 64 Update (3/12/21)

Hello, college basketball fans!

We are two days away from Selection Sunday! Here is the latest Schmolik 64 update!

Editor's Note: Posted my Wednesday bracket instead of my Friday bracket by mistake. Here's my actual Friday bracket.

Bracket 1
1 Gonzaga * 26-0
8 Rutgers 15-10
9 Oregon 20-5
5 Virginia 18-6
12 Colgate 13-1
4 West Virginia 18-9
13 Toledo 21-7
6 Missouri 16-8
3 Oklahoma State 19-7
14 Liberty * 19-5
7 Connecticut 15-6
10 VCU 19-6
2 Ohio State 20-8
15 Cleveland State * 19-7
Bracket 2
1 Baylor 22-1
8 Florida 14-9
9 Clemson 16-7
5 Creighton 19-7
12 Wichita State 14-4
4 Purdue 18-9
13 Louisiana Tech 20-6
6 Oklahoma 15-10
11 Michigan State 15-12
3 Arkansas 21-5
14 Morehead State * 21-7
7 BYU 19-6
10 Virginia Tech 15-6
2 Iowa 20-7
15 Iona 10-5
Bracket 3
1 Michigan 20-3
16 Hartford 14-8
8 San Diego State 20-4
9 North Carolina 18-9
5 Tennessee 18-7
4 Texas Tech 17-10
13 Winthrop * 23-1
6 Wisconsin 17-11
11 Drake 23-4
3 Houston 20-3
14 Drexel * 12-7
7 Colorado 21-7
10 Georgia Tech 16-8
2 Kansas 19-8
15 Grand Canyon 12-6
Bracket 4
1 Illinois 20-6
16 Oral Roberts * 13-10
8 LSU 16-8
9 St. Bonaventure 15-4
5 Villanova 16-6
12 UC Santa Barbara 18-4
4 Florida State 15-5
13 UNC Greensboro * 21-8
6 USC 22-6
11 Colorado State 17-5
3 Texas 18-7
14 Southern Utah 15-3
7 Loyola Chicago * 22-4
10 Maryland 15-13
2 Alabama 22-6
15 Mount St. Mary's * 12-10
First Four
B1 Appalachian State * 13-11
16 Coppin State 9-12
B1 Nicholls 16-6
16 Prairie View A&M 15-4
B4 Syracuse 16-9
11 Seton Hall 14-12
B3 Louisville 13-7
12 UCLA 17-9

Bids By Conference:

Big 10: 9 (Mich, OSU, Iowa, Ill, Pur, Wisc, Rut, Md, MSU)

ACC: 8 (FSU, Va, Clem, UNC, GaT, VaT, Syr, Lville)

Big 12: 7 (Bay, Kan, OkSt, WV, Tex, T Tech, Okl)

SEC: 6 (Ala, Ark, Tenn, Mo, Fla, LSU)

Big E: 4 (Vill, Creig, Conn, SH)

Pac 12: 4 (USC, Colo, Ore, UCLA)

WCC: 2 (Gonz, BYU)

American: 2 (Hou, WSU)

MVC: 2 (Loy, Drake)

MWC: 2 (SDSt, CSU)

A-10: 2 (St. B, VCU)

One Bid Conferences: 20

Highest NET left out: Utah State (41), Penn State (42, sub .500 record), St. Louis (45), Duke (50, AD Kevin White said the positive COVID-19 that took Duke out of the ACC Tournament "will end our 2020-21 season"). NET Data courtesy of


For most of the bubble teams, the wait begins.

At the time of this posting,

Colorado State and Utah State could very well be playing a play in game tonight in the MWC tonight after the two teams split their first two games. Both teams have just two Quad 2 wins and three Quad 1/2 wins total. Utah State has two Quad 3 losses but a higher NET ranking for now. They made the field for now and have the last few weeks because they have had no bad losses. If the Selection Committee rewards "no bad losses", they might be able to afford to lose tonight but I think both teams should win just in case.

Seton Hall is still alive in the Big East semifinals. They are definitely on the low end of the NET rankings but they have three Quad 1 wins and four Quad 2 wins. They have one Quad 3 loss. Georgetown (#81 NET) won't be a Quad 3 loss and neither would Creighton or Connecticut. Seton Hall probably could use another win to feel more comfortable.

Mississippi is still hanging in there with three Quad 1 wins and four Quad 2 wins. They have two Quad 3 losses vs. one for Seton Hall and if the season ended today they advanced one win further in their tournament (simply because the Big East is one day ahead of the SEC). If Mississippi upsets LSU, they'd get their fourth Quad 1 win and would seriously have to be considered for making the field.

Wichita State is still considered the AAC leader right now. Their NET is #62 and they have just 2 Quad 1 wins and four Quad 1/2 wins but they also have no Quad 3/4 losses and is unlikely to pick up a bad loss in the AAC Tournament. If they make the final and lose to Houston, they might steal an at large berth. Memphis (NET #53) can beat Houston in the semifinals. Maybe they can sneak into the field as an at large bid with just that win although they currently have no Quad 1 wins and four Quad 2 wins.

Right now, the "party crashers" are most of the AAC teams and Oregon State from the Pac-12.

Of course there could be bigger issues in this NCAA Tournament. Two big time programs, Kansas (#2 seed in this bracket) and Virginia (#5 seed) had to pull out of their respective conference tournament semifinals tonight. Could either be forced to miss the NCAA Tournament? Could someone else? This is a developing story.

Finally, I mentioned about the Selection Committee this past week. If you are looking for who you expect to be favored to get into this year's tournament, here's this year's committee:

Mitch Barnhart
Division I Men’s Basketball Committee chair and director of athletics at University of Kentucky

  • Mike Bobinski, vice president and director of athletics, Purdue University
  • Tom Burnett, commissioner, Southland Conference
  • Lawrence R. Cunningham, director of athletics, University of North Carolina
  • Charles McClelland, commissioner, Southwestern Athletic Conference
  • Bernadette McGlade, commissioner, Atlantic 10 Conference
  • Michael O’Brien, vice president and director of athletics, University of Toledo
  • Jamie Pollard, director of athletics, Iowa State University
  • Chris Reynolds, vice president for intercollegiate athletics, Bradley University
  • Craig Thompson, commissioner, Mountain West Conference

Well if Kentucky gets in, you know why! I think this is good news for Atlantic 10 and Mountain West Conference bubble teams. You'd have to believe both teams in the Atlantic 10 final are going to make it no matter what and who knows maybe St. Louis could sneak in. The MWC is definitely going to get two in and possibly three. If Boise State with a NET outside of the top 50 and a Quad 4 loss gets in, you can't tell me that's a coincidence. Mitch Barnhart and Kentucky would gain if Mississippi makes it in (same conference) and Barnhart is allowed to vote for them to get in. Mike Bobinski would also gain if Michigan State gets in. Finally, if Toledo gets in as an at large bid????? As always, I'll compare to the Bracket Matrix and see if the teams that no one else picked have connections to the committee. Or like many other years they could just be Pathetic 12 teams.

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