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College Basketball Coast To Coast: March 12, 2021

Selection Sunday is now two days away, so TJ Rives and I chatted more about the bracket and how this weekend’s conference tournaments might affect the finished product.

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NCAA Basketball: Tulane at Memphis
TJ’s alma mater, Memphis, comes up in our bubble discussion.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

While Selection Sunday is now well within sight, much is still up for grabs in the remaining conference tournament games scheduled over the next three days. (Of course, we have to hope that all of them going off without a hitch.)

Today’s edition of College Basketball Coast to Coast begins with TJ Rives and Mark Wise discussing the day’s big news out of the ACC and the four SEC Tournament quarterfinals on tap for today. Then, I joined TJ to play “In and Out” and to talk about the conference tournaments I’ll be following with particular interest this weekend. While one is in Vegas (which isn’t all that helpful in terms of narrowing things down), the other is in Fort Worth.

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