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2021 Bracket Projections

Bracketology 2021: Recapping My Performance (And the Committee’s Too)

Plus, a look at the regions and pods based on the NET and seed list.

Bracketology 2021: One last projection for the road

It’s almost time to see the real thing.

Bracketology 2021: Happy Selection Sunday!

In a matter of hours, we will have a real bracket to analyze. For now, here’s my penultimate projection of the season, now with two surprise auto bid winners.

Bracketology 2021: With two at-large bids zapped, the bubble is an uncomfortable place

Yesterday, nearly everything that could go wrong did go wrong for bubble teams. Well, other than Houston holding off Memphis in the second American Athletic semifinal.

Bracketology 2021: So, with Georgetown in, who drops out?

The Hoyas just claimed the Big East’s automatic bid with a resounding win over Creighton. That knocked some unlucky team out.

Bracketology 2021: What the Cut Line picture looks like after Cincinnati tops Wichita State

Welcome to the bubble, Shockers.

Bracketology 2021: Friday defines ‘mixed bag’ for bubble teams (Updated with Duke)

While Drake, Louisville, and Syracuse can breathe a bit easier now, a pair of unexpected conference title matchups tonight means they’re not yet out of danger.

Bracketology 2021: What the Cut Line picture looks like on Selection Eve morning

There are still two Mountain West teams ranked among the "Last Four In." That might not be the case at around 6 p.m. Mountain Time.

Bracketology 2021: The ACC and Mountain West (but mostly the ACC) dominate Friday’s conversation

While there are still three Mountain West teams in the field, the identity of one has changed. As for the ACC, its postseason gathering has turned into a mess.

Bracketology 2021: Friday’s Cut Line picture

There’s been one change since Thursday night, thanks to the Mountain West quarterfinals.

Bracketology 2021: An updated look at the cut line heading into Thursday night

Despite Syracuse’s loss to Virginia, the Orange hang on for now. In the Big East, Seton Hall and St. John’s switch quartets.

Bracketology 2021: Xavier’s loss is Syracuse’s gain

Guess who’s back ... Back again ... Back for now

Bracketology 2021: The Cut Line picture for Selection Week Thursday

The last time I tried to write one of these, it ended up being lost to the mists of 2020. Of course, CoVID is still a major factor in our lives one year later, as one bubble team discovered this morning.

Bracketology 2021: Gonzaga all but sews up the No. 1 overall seed

Meanwhile, BYU acquitted itself well against the Bulldogs, so the Cougars remain a seven in today’s projection.

Bracketology 2021: All quiet on the at-large front

However, Monday’s conference tournament action did lead to some shifts in the bracket’s lower reaches.

Bracketology 2021: Michigan State grabs big win, Maryland records bad loss, Drake must wait

The 8 vs. 9 game in the Big Ten Tournament got a whole lot more interesting, thanks to Sunday evening.

Bracketology 2021: A decent Saturday for mid-major bubble teams

Power conference teams largely left themselves with work to do when tournament play tips off on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bracketology 2021: Reassessing the picture as the regular-season wraps up

While Michigan State fell at Michigan on Thursday night, the Spartans are still one of two new at-larges in today’s update.

Bracketology 2021: Full Bracket and TV Preview for Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Today’s bracket features a new No. 1 seed, a new No. 2 seed, and neither Duke nor Michigan State. Tuesday’s schedule features plenty of games that could shake up the entire picture.

Bracketology 2021: Full Bracket and TV Preview for Friday, February 26, 2021

For more analysis, check out today’s bubble post.

Bracketology 2021: The Revenge of the Bluebloods

Just when you thought it was safe to write them off ... one is back in the field, another is getting closer to the right side of the cut line, and the group’s top performer has jumped into the top 16.

Bracketology 2021: Bracket for Friday, February 19, 2021 and Weekend TV Preview

For more analysis, check out today’s bubble post.

Bracketology 2021: A first look at the lock and bubble picture for 2021

Surprise! Just three weeks and two days remain before Selection Sunday and much remains up for grabs.

Bracketology 2021: The midseason bracket reveal is in the rearview mirror...

... and that means we’re closing in on Selection Sunday.

Bracketology 2021: Rounding the three-quarter turn

Unbelievably, this most unusual college basketball regular season is four weeks away from its scheduled conclusion, then a unique NCAA Tournament.

Bracketology 2021: The Top 16 might as well be called the Big 16 right now

Two conferences with names that don’t match their respective membership numbers are dominating the protected seed race in early February.

Bracketology 2021: We finally have a new No. 1 seed!

The top of this bracket had started to resemble a broken vinyl LP. But this Friday brings a change to the track listing.

Bracketology 2021: Ohio State starts February on a high

The Buckeyes join Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech in reaching new heights as the regular season starts to kick into high gear.

Bracketology 2021: As January wraps up, the at-large picture isn’t getting any clearer

Okay, maybe that statement doesn’t apply to the No. 1 seed line, but with most of college basketball’s brand names struggling and everyone’s schedule challenges, this season is poised to continue twisting and turning.

Bracketology 2021: Michigan heads into pause as the third No. 1 seed

On Saturday, the Wolverines became the fourth top seed required to hit pause on their season. However, given their position on the bracket, two teams will need to pass them over the next two weeks for them to lose their spot on the top seed line.

Bracketology 2021: The 2021 NCAA Tournament takes further shape

This week, we learned more details about how this season’s version of March Madness will play out. But terms of the projection itself, a new No. 2 seed and three new at-larges are the newsmakers after this midweek period’s action.

Bracketology 2021: Put a bunch of familiar names on milk cartons ...

... because they’re missing from this bracket. Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State, and North Carolina are all absent today.