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2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule Rankings

2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule Rankings: Methodology

I’ve attempted to simplify and streamline things for the new season (with further changes coming for 2020-21). This series is also going to be less comprehensive than in the recent past.

2019-20 Non-Conference Scheduling Hub

Your one-stop shop for this season’s crop of non-conference scheduling posts.

Key Mid-Major Non-Conference Scheduling For 2019-20

Taking a look at 15 teams to keep an eye on between November and Selection Sunday.

The Big 12’s Non-Conference Scheduling for 2019-20

Usually, Kansas leads these rankings, but not this season. That being said, the Jayhawks aren’t far from the top.

The ACC’s Non-Conference Scheduling for 2019-20

North Carolina’s non-conference slate towers over the ACC’s other 14 offerings.

The Big Ten’s Non-Conference Scheduling for 2019-20

Purdue and Michigan State lead the way with first-class schedules, while Minnesota didn’t do too badly considering some difficulties in getting games. On the other hand, many of the teams that could struggle built schedules with those in mind.

The SEC’s Non-Conference Scheduling for 2019-20

While the SEC doesn’t have as many truly great non-conference schedules as it did a season ago, 2019-20 still offers up many good ones.

The Big East’s Non-Conference Scheduling for 2019-20

While the Big East doesn’t have a top 10 slate like Xavier’s of a season ago, the bottom of the league made significant strides in schedule-building this season.

The Pac-12’s Non-Conference Scheduling for 2019-20

After a couple of rough March Madness campaigns, many the conference’s likely contenders decided to beef up their non-league slates, just one year before the Pac-12 hops the 20-conference-game bandwagon.

The American Athletic’s Non-Conference Scheduling for 2019-20

Cincinnati and Temple have top 25 non-league schedules heading into the new season. Overall, the conference has stepped up its game, though there are still a few stragglers.