Schmolik 64 Update (2/28/18)

Hello, college basketball fans!

Welcome to a special midweek edition of the Schmolik 64! I think I will post Wednesday bracket updates in addition to Monday and Friday or Saturday updates this week. I might do Friday and Saturday next weekend.

South Regional
Thur/Sat March 22-24
Charlotte 1 Virginia 26-2
Fri/Sun March 16-18 16 First Four Winner
8 Seton Hall 20-9
9 Missouri 18-11
Boise 5 Michigan 23-7
Thur/Sat March 15-17 12 First Four Winner
4 Gonzaga 27-4
13 Vermont 24-6
Dallas 6 Miami 21-8
Thur/Sat March 15-17 11 Baylor 17-12
3 Auburn 24-6
14 Bucknell 22-9
Detroit 7 NC State 20-9
Fri/Sun March 16-18 10 St. Bonaventure 23-6
2 Purdue 26-5
15 Wagner 19-8
East Regional
Fri/Sun March 23-25
Pittsburgh 1 Villanova 25-4
Thur/Sat March 15-17 16 First Four Winner
8 Rhode Island 23-5
9 Florida State 19-9
San Diego 5 Ohio State 24-7
Fri/Sun March 16-18 12 Loyola Illinois 24-5
4 West Virginia 22-8
13 Rider 22-8
Nashville 6 Arkansas 21-9
Fri/Sun March 16-18 11 First Four Winner
3 Cincinnati 25-4
14 Charleston 21-7
Charlotte 7 Creighton 20-9
Fri/Sun March 16-18 10 Oklahoma 17-12
2 North Carolina 22-8
15 UC Davis 17-9
Midwest Regional
Fri/Sun March 23-25
Pittsburgh 1 Xavier 25-4
Thur/Sat March 15-17 16 UNC Asheville 18-11
8 Nevada 25-5
9 St. Mary's 27-4
Boise 5 Kentucky 20-9
Thur/Sat March 15-17 12 Buffalo 21-8
4 Clemson 21-7
13 South Dakota State 21-6
Dallas 6 Virgina Tech 21-9
Thur/Sat March 15-17 11 USC 21-9
3 Wichita State 23-4
14 Murray State 22-5
Wichita 7 Florida 19-11
Thur/Sat March 15-17 10 Providence 18-11
2 Kansas 24-6
15 Montana 19-7
West Regional
Los Angeles
Thur/Sat March 22-24
Detroit 1 Michigan State 28-3
Fri/Sun March 16-18 16 Pennsylvania 20-7
8 Texas A&M 18-11
9 Butler 19-10
San Diego 5 Arizona 22-7
Fri/Sun March 16-18 12 Louisiana 23-4
4 Texas Tech 22-8
13 New Mexico State 21-5
Wichita 6 Houston 22-6
Thur/Sat March 15-17 11 First Four Winner
3 Tennessee 22-7
14 UNC Greensboro 21-7
Nashville 7 TCU 21-9
Fri/Sun March 16-18 10 Arizona State 19-9
2 Duke 24-6
15 Northern Kentucky 20-8
First Four Games
Dayton E Nicholls State 16-9
Tue March 17 16 Florida Gulf Coast 19-10
Dayton S Savannah State 12-16
Wed March 18 16 Arkansas Pine Bluff 11-19
Dayton W Louisville 19-10
Tue March 17 11 Alabama 17-13
Dayton E Syracuse 18-11
Wed March 18 11 Temple 16-12

ACC (10): Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, Florida State, Syracuse, Louisville

SEC (8): Auburn, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Texas A & M, Missouri, Alabama

Big East (6): Villanova, Xavier, Seton Hall, Butler, Providence, Creighton

Big 12 (6): Kansas, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Oklahoma, TCU, Baylor

Big Ten (4): Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan

American (4): Cincinnati, Wichita State, Houston, Temple

Pac 12 (3): Arizona, Arizona State, USC

West Coast (2): St. Mary's, Gonzaga

Atlantic 10 (2): Rhode Island, St. Bonaventure

One Bid Conferences: 23

Highest RPI (courtesy of CBS and left out: Boise State (48). Washington (51), Western Kentucky (53), UCLA (54), Utah (55)

North Carolina's buzzer beater loss cost the Tar Heels a #1 seed. Duke lost on Monday or they probably would have moved up. So Michigan State inherits the #1 seed. The Big Ten Tournament plays this week and if they win it all I probably will keep them there in the final Schmolik 64.

I still refuse to put Kansas as a #1 seed. They still don't have that signature win that proves they are deserving of a #1 seed. Their best win right now is Kentucky although the Wildcats are getting better now. I will say that their 14 year streak of winning the Big 12 is the most overrated streak in college basketball. You know why they've won the Big 12 14 years in a row? The rest of the Big 12 sucks! You know why Duke doesn't have 14 straight ACC titles? North Carolina. You know why North Carolina doesn't have 14 straight ACC titles? Duke. Even outside of them you still have Virginia, Louisville, Syracuse and many other teams. Put Kansas in the ACC, Big Ten, or even the SEC if you swapped them with Kentucky and they don't win 14 straight titles. I don't even think Kansas wins 14 straight Pathetic 12 titles if you swapped them with Arizona because you still have UCLA and Oregon. If Kansas is so great, why do they have only two Final Fours in that 14 year span?

This Kansas team lost three times this year in Lawrence. They lost this year at home to Oklahoma State! They lost this year at home to Arizona State, a team that can't even finish .500 in the Pathetic 12! They lost four times in the Big 12 this year, only once have they lost five games. This was arguably the worst Kansas team in the Bill Self era and yet not one Big 12 team can take advantage and even tie the Jayhawks. Other than Kansas, the only other team that made the Final Four as a member of the Big 12 (West Virginia was a Big East member when they made the Final Four) was Oklahoma and they were beaten by Villanova by the biggest margin in Final Four history. The Big 12 is Kansas and the Nine Dwarfs. If Kansas left for the Big Ten, the Big 12 would be no better than the Missouri Valley Conference. Oh I'm sorry. That's an insult to the Missouri Valley Conference.

The Big 12 to me is overrated. I gave them only six teams. Their Group 1/2 win totals seem to be inflated as are the SEC's although their RPI's are low overall. Baylor got in because they actually beat Kansas but Texas and Kansas State are out. Kansas State went 0-6 against the top three in the Big 12 (Kansas, West Virginia, and Texas Tech).

I'm not giving up on Temple just yet. They have a high RPI (#41) and wins over three teams in the top 12 of the RPI (Auburn, Clemson, and Wichita State). They have the same number of Group 1 wins as Kansas State, Washington, and Utah and one more than UCLA but with a way higher RPI. Kansas State doesn't have any wins anywhere near as impressive. They do have two tough road games at Connecticut and Tulsa upcoming. If they sweep, bracketologists will have to notice the Owls.

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