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What would a bracketology site be without a bracket contest?

There’s a good chance that you’ll end up outscoring me.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Villanova vs North Carolina Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve found that the more time I spend working on building the perfect bracket, the worse I get at picking actual games. Yet I still fill out a bracket every season and you can join me in Blogging the Bracket’s Official Yahoo Bracket Group (password: brackets). With any luck, you’ll finish with a ranking higher than mine!

To make things more fun, I’ve set up a standard scoring system (1-2-4-8-16-32 points in each successive round) but with a seed difference bonus. In other words, you get a major bonus for picking upsets, particularly early on.

While I’m not offering any prizes, the winner will get tweets and a Blogging the Bracket Facebook page post to commemorate his or her grand accomplishment. (I even promise to not be super-snarky about it!)

So once Selection Sunday night arrives, make your picks and wait to be showered with the best kind of glory — the internet variety.