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A Pair Of Season Preview Podcasts

With the season approaching, I feature in two podcasts that will help you look forward to the 2016-17 campaign.

With the season rapidly approaching, I have two podcasts to share with you, one of which will become a regular feature on this site.

Sam Snelling, Rock M Nation’s intrepid basketball writer, and I are proud to announce the “Paint Touches” podcast, which will be a weekly one to start the season—likely becoming more frequent as the season rolls on. The first episode, which runs for nearly 57 minutes, is a bit rough, but in it we talk a bit about our backgrounds and our expectations for Opening Night on Friday and the major conference races.

You can subscribe to “Paint Touches” on iTunes by searching for “Sam Snelling Podcasts.”

On Tuesday night, I recorded the first edition of the Bracketology.FM podcast with Assembly Call’s bracketologist Andy Bottoms. This one runs for almost 53 minutes and is really a two-parter. In the first half, Andy and I discuss how we got into bracketology and our philosophies. In the second, we discuss a few intriguing teams from my non-conference scheduling series.

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