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2012 Metro Atlantic NCAA Rep Loyola Off To The Patriot League For 2013-14

Maybe it's because I haven't been paying a lot of attention over the past couple of days, but I wasn't expecting this news at all. However, since it is on the Patriot League website, so it's official. Loyola's jump, combined with Boston University's announcement from earlier this summer, means the Patriot League will have 10 basketball members for the 2013-14 campaign. That's an ideal number for scheduling -- 18 games in a perfect round-robin.

Unlike the Terriers, who are barred from the 2013 America East Tournament because of their pending move, the Greyhounds will remain in the field for the MAAC's postseason event, according to CBS's Jon Rothstein. That means we may have another Jimmy Patsos press conference or two to look forward too come March.

Look for Loyola's local rivalries with Navy and American to receive a boost after this chapter in realignment.

Now, it's the MAAC's turn to make a move to get back to 10 ... or maybe even more if they want to complicate things.