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The 2011-12 Season Is Over, Here's To 2012-13


On Monday night, the Kentucky Wildcats claimed the 2012 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship with a victory over the Kansas Jayhawks, ending one of the more interesting and controversial seasons in recent memory. (Seriously, if I hear the words "lane violation" or see another "Flagrant Foul" graphic, SB Nation will soon have an infrequently updated curling blog in this space.) I apologize for my lack of posting during the NCAA Tournament, as real life managed to create some issues -- and a sinus infection last week didn't help matters.

Today, I'm back with some early information on the upcoming 2012-13 campaign. First, I've replaced the Conference Changes For 2012-13 (And Beyond) page with separate pages for both 2012-13 and 2013-14. These will, of course, be updated as changes are announced. For example, the 2013-14 page includes the Temple Owls' move to the Big East and the Pacific Tigers' transfer to the West Coast Conference.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the Early Season Event page for 2012-13 is now live. As always, if you have information for this always growing part of the site, please e-mail me at bloggingthebracket at gmail dot com. Links are especially appreciated, as rumors about teams' schedules fly quickly and furiously at this time of year. When next season's conference challenges are announced, they'll be placed with the other events, and not on a separate page as in previous seasons.

In the next couple of days, I'll have a page up with NCAA Tournament information as well, and probably another for conference tournaments (e-mailed info on this would be appreciated too). As part of the NCAA Tournament page, I'll have some sort of listing of cities that have hosted in the recent past (six or so seasons), so you can get an idea of which locales may be in play for 2014 and beyond.

Here's to a relaxing offseason and an even better 2012-13 campaign!

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