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The South Padre Invitational May Want To Adjust Its Campus-Site Schedule...Maybe (9/9 Update: They Did)

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As I was going through e-mails this morning (while doing laundry before my impending return to Arlington tonight), I noticed something a little funny.

Way back on August 26, the Des Moines Register had an item about Northern Iowa's schedule release. Since the Panthers two campus games for the South Padre Invitational had not yet been announced, I figured I'd check the post out and add the info to the Early Season Events page.

The article and UNI's offical schedule page both show the Panthers hosting Western Carolina on November 20th and Northern Colorado two days later. As I prepared to make the edit, the problem with this arrangement became apparent. Fellow South Padre host Iowa State is also scheduled to play the same two opponents simultaneously. They haven't been flipped or anything. (Here's the Cyclones' official schedule with that same information.)

Sure, this is a simple issue to fix, especially with the two host schools located in the same state and playing the same opponents, but you'd think someone would have noticed this before the slates were released.

Sept. 9th Update: The teams schedules have been adjusted, with Northern Colorado visiting Cedar Falls on Nov. 20th and Ames two nights later. Western Carolina does the reverse.

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