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Out Of The Office Message

Even though I haven't been posting all that regularly over the slow summer, I did want to let you know I'm taking advantage of some vacation time and heading north and west to avoid Hurricane Irene.

The 2K Sports (Coaches vs. Cancer) Classic is the only remaining major early season event without an announced full field. I anticipate it will be revealed at some point next week. If it is, I'll have a post up here on Thursday or Friday of next week, when I'm briefly back in the D.C. area, provided there's power.

In the meantime, I hope everyone in the path of Irene stays safe and takes the threat seriously, even if the storm may be weakening as I typed this. As I've tweeted before, hurricanes are nothing to mess around with. The effects may not be as hyped, but, for many of you, they're certainly going to be different than anything you've ever experienced in the past.