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The 2011 Philly Hoop Group Classic: Geographically Compact

The Philly Hoop Group Classic field for 2011 is one of the more unique ones in the realm of the multi-team event. Six teams will be involved, four of which are from Pennsylvania. Two of those are Philadelphia Big Five rivals (Penn and La Salle), while another pair are from clear across the state (marquee team Pittsburgh and perennial Northeast Conference contender Robert Morris). The remaining pair are from the general Mid-Atlantic region, with Rider representing the Metro Atlantic and James Madison joining in from the Colonial.

The six teams will each play four games, meaning each team misses someone. Penn and La Salle won't meet, as they'll play in the Big Five at some point. Pitt won't meet James Madison, while Robert Morris avoids Rider. Four of the six will play twice at the Palestra, on November 25th and 26, but the Panthers and Colonials will not be among them. Those two will play in the grand old gym on the Friday, with Pitt taking on host Penn and RMU facing the other Philly side, La Salle, but the pair will skip Saturday to travel back to the Steel City. That's where they'll close the event on Sunday, November 27th.

I've updated the 2011 Early Season Event page with the info from this post.

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