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Bracketology: Updated Bracket And S-Curve For March 1, 2011

In my first bracketology post for March over at SB Nation, I highlight several changes near the top of the field, including BYU's rise to the top line, and the chaos that continues at the bottom of the NCAA bracket.

That post will be the first of many for me over at the mothership over the next 13 or so days, which means there will be some changes here at Blogging the Bracket. This blog is going to focus more on conference tournaments and TV schedules until Selection Sunday, with the potential for a few bracketology-related posts in that time. Meanwhile, I'll have more focused (and frequent) Bubble Watch posts over at SB Nation, along with more frequent bracket updates. For instance, I'll have a new Last Four In/First Four out over there tomorrow and a full bracket update on Friday.

I still plan on publishing S-curve updates here with bracket updates, and there's one for today after the jump.

Here's Monday's S-curve for reference. For a pair of different views of today's edition, check out the full bracket and seed list.

There aren't a lot of changes from Monday, though Notre Dame jumps up to the two line after their win over Villanova, while Texas drops to a three after losing to Kansas State.

1 line 1. Ohio State*
2. Kansas*
3. Pittsburgh* 4. BYU*
2 line 8. Purdue
7. San Diego State 6. Notre Dame
5. Duke*
3 line 9. Florida* 10. Texas 11. Louisville 12. Syracuse
4 line 16. North Carolina 15. St. John's
14. Georgetown
13. Wisconsin
5 line 17. Connecticut
18. Kentucky
19. Xavier* 20. Vanderbilt
6 line 24. West Virginia 23. Temple
22. Arizona* 21. Villanova
7 line 25. Texas A&M
26. UCLA
27. Florida State 28. George Mason*
8 line 32. Kansas State
31. Utah State* 30. Missouri
29. Cincinnati
9 line 33. UNLV 34. Illinois 35. Old Dominion 36. Marquette
10 line 40. Gonzaga 39. Washington
38. Virginia Tech 37. Tennessee
11 line 41. Michigan State
42. Georgia
43.St. Mary's*
44. Butler
12 line 48. Baylor
(First Four)
47. Colorado
(First Four)
46. Michigan
(First Four)
45. Richmond
(First Four)
13 line 49. Missouri State*
50. UAB* 51. Belmont*
(13 seeds begin)
52. Princeton*
14 line 56. Kent State* 55. College of Charleston*
(14 seeds begin)
54. Oakland*
53. Milwaukee*
15 line 57. Bucknell*
58. Long Beach State*
59. Coastal Carolina*
(15 seeds begin)
60. Fairfield*
16 line 64. Florida Atlantic* 63. Murray State*
(16 seeds begin)
62. Long Island* 61. Vermont*
17 line
(First Four)
65. Northern Colorado*
66. Bethune-Cookman*
67. McNeese State*
68. Texas Southern*
First Four Out
69. Alabama 70. Boston College 71. Penn State
72. Clemson
Next Four Out
76. Colorado State
75. Minnesota
74.Washington State
73. VCU

There are several key bubble games on tap this evening, and I have more detail on them in my Tuesday TV viewing guide.

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