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NCAA Basketball Bracketology Page Links For 02/08/2011

After a week that was slightly less unpredictable than the previous one, the top four seeds in this week's projection remain the same, but they're appear in a slightly different order. There's more in my post over at SB Nation, including details of how the Big 12 and Big Ten swapped fortunes in the span of seven days.

Here are the other relevant links for this week's bracketology.

This Week's Bracket

Seed List

East Region Profiles (No. 1 Ohio State)
Southwest Region Profiles (No. 1 Texas)
Southeast Region Profiles (No. 1 Kansas)
West Region Profiles (No. 1 Pittsburgh)
Outside Looking In Profiles

Bubble Watch will run here and on SB Nation on Friday. In the meantime, I'll have TV previews up for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

NCAA Bracket 2012 is here.