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NCAA Basketball Bracketology Page Links For February 2, 2011

Texas moves up to the top line of this week's bracket, replacing Duke who tumbles all the way down to line three. There was quite a bit of shuffling after a tumultuous weekend, which you can read more about in my narrative piece over at SB Nation.

Here are the links for this week. Note that I've updated the format of the Team Profile pages, mostly to make it easier for me to put them together each week, but I think they look a lot better now too.

Click Here for This Week's Bracket

Seed List

East Region Profiles
Southwest Region Profiles
Southeast Region Profiles
West Region Profiles
Outside Looking In Profiles

Friday, Bracket Math/Bubble Watch will run over at SB Nation, with an expanded post of updated bubble team profiles here on Blogging the Bracket.

This piece was supposed to run yesterday, so if some of the seedings don't make sense with last night's results, that's why. It's been a busy few days over at the mothership, thanks to Super Bowl Media Day coverage, National Signing Day buildup, and one very big piece of corporate news. (Plus, I had a migraine and stressful day at the day job yesterday, so I didn't notice the post didn't run until it was too late.)

If you're a baseball fan like me, you'll definitely want to check out Rob Neyer's first piece over at SB Yes, you read that right, Rob Neyer is now writing for SBNation, which is a very exciting development.

Later today, I'll have a viewing guide for February up at SB Nation too. I'll post the link over here when it's ready.

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