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Big East Schedule Released Leading To One Final Major Wave Of Announcements

On Friday night, the Big East curiously took a page from Government agencies and released a rather important piece of news, the 2010-11 conference schedule, when not many would pay attention to it.

Why did this release only happen in mid-September? Well, half of the league (Connecticut, DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, St. John's, Seton Hall, Villanova) plays at least a portion of their home games in arenas that also host an AHL, NBA, or NHL team. Since the NBA took forever and a day to release its slate (thanks to all of the free agency goings-on of the summer), the Big East had to wait to see what dates were going to be free at Madison Square Garden, the Verizon Center, the Bradley Center, and Whatever Bank It Is Now Arena in Philly.

The pieces of the puzzle are all in place, so there's finally a Big East slate.

After the jump, I'll have links stories for 15 of the 16 Big East schedules (Notre Dame is the only straggler) and a few others that have been released over the past week.



We have a new Bearcats blog, Down The Drive. Head on over, welcome Matt, and discuss the slate.

Connecticut (SBN reaction)


Georgetown (SBN reaction)



Louisville (SBN reaction)

Marquette (SBN reaction)

New Mexico State






St. John's

San Diego State

Seton Hall (SBN reaction)

Southern Mississippi

South Florida (SBN reaction)

Syracuse (SBN reaction)

Villanova (SBN reaction)

West Virginia

Wright State (update)

Last, but certainly not least, there's one more piece of news to close this post. Today, SB Nation welcomes another college blog to the family, Rule of Tree, with coverage of Stanford athletics. Be sure to stop by and welcome Scott.