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Conference Realignmentageddon: SBN Links To Follow The Insanity

If you haven't noticed, I've been strangely quiet on the seismic shift in the intercollegiate landscape that is happening right before our eyes. This is primarily because football is the driving factor (and basketball and the non-revenue sports are barely getting a passing mention at this point) and partially because I've had a lot of work to do before leaving for vacation on Wednesday. 

After the dust settles a little better, I'll be posting a bit more on the after effects on basketball scheduling and the NCAA Tournament, as well as any other moves that could impact conferences more famous for hoops than gridiron. (A trickle-down is definitely possible if the Big East is impacted significantly.) 

In the meantime, I'd like to direct you to all of the great SB Nation blogs who have been on top of these stories since the beginning, so you can visit them frequently over the next week-plus as things shake out. More after the jump.

First things first, head over to SB Nation for StoryStreams (TM) on the Big 12Big Ten, and Mountain West.

Everyday Should Be Saturday also has full (and completely irreverent) coverage, thanks to the imitable Spencer and Holly.

BCS Evolution, as you'd expect, looks at how expansion could impact playoff possibilities, something we don't need to exactly worry about in hoops. 

Big 12 (or now 10) Movers

Big 12 Hoops: General conference news and the impact on basketball

Ralphie Report, blogging on Colorado, the first team to bolt the Big 12, will have an interesting perspective on the school's old and new leagues.

Corn Nation: Will the Huskers be alone in moving to the Big Ten?

Crimson and Cream Machine: The Sooners look to be headed to the Pac-10, but will the Big 12: sweeten the pot enough to keep them?

I Am the 12th Man: All the talk Sunday evening was that the Aggies are ready to go to the SEC. I suspect forces in Texas may not let that happen so easily.

Burnt Orange Nation: The Longhorns continue to be the key to this whole exercise.

Double T Nation: The Red Raiders may be along for the ride, but Seth is delivering top-notch analysis on the goings-on.

The Left Behind

Clone Chronicles: For analysis on where Iowa State will end up.

Rock Chalk Talk: Where do the Jayhawks end up: Pac-10, Mountain West, Big East, or SEC? (Be sure to check out this interesting piece on sport-specific conferences.)

Bring on the Cats: Will the Wildcats follow their rivals or end up on their own?

Rock M Nation: Does that Big Ten invite come this week? Either way, our Mizzou blog is taking the pulse of the Tigers' options on a regular basis.


Team Speed Kills: 12, 13, 14, 16? What's the final number for the SEC?

Dawg Sports: Of our SEC team blogs, this one has been covering expansion the most, particularly the A&M rumors.

Rocky Top Talk: Will and Joel have the Tennessee perspective covered, including this post on who should come along with A&M.

The Pac-Name Your Number

Look for plenty of reaction from our stable of Pac-10 blogs, but California Golden Blogs and CougCenter have been especially on top of things.

The League That Didn't Pass Basic Math

All of our Big Ten blogs have been busy welcoming Nebraska over the past few days. Will they be welcoming any more? Our Big Ten football blog, The Rivalry, Esq., is a good starting point.

The Mountain West

Mountain West Connection: Jeremy has been all over expansion, thanks to Boise State's move and all of the talk surrounding Utah, BYU, Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri.

One Bronco Nation Under God: Time will tell if the MWC move was the right one for the Broncos. Of course, that time could very well be over the next few weeks.

Block U: If A&M goes to the SEC, does that mean the Pac-10 goes after the Utes?

Vanquish the Foe: Where will BYU end up?


Rakes of Mallow: If Notre Dame is forced to make a move, these guys will have something to say about it.

On the Banks and Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician: If the Big Ten makes a move, Rutgers and Syracuse, like ND, are teams thought to be among the top options.

Testudo Times: Maryland is a darkhorse in the Big Ten expansion derby.

Gobbler Country: Virginia Tech is to the SEC as The Terps are to the Big Ten at this point.

Since things are changing rather quickly, I couldn't link to everyone, so head over to the SB Nation blog roster for a full list of college blogs. You know, just in case things get even crazier than they already are.