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NIT (and CBI/CIT)- ology: February 9

After taking a couple of weeks off, I'm back with more in-depth bracketology, my projections for the NIT, CBI, and College Insider Tournament fields.


Stillwater Regional
(1) Oklahoma State vs. (8) Illinois State
(4) North Carolina vs. (5) Seton Hall
(3) Washington vs. (6) Alabama
(2) Connecticut vs. (7) Tulsa

Cincinnati Regional
(1) Cincinnati vs. (8) St. Louis
(4) Wichita State vs. (5) Arizona State
(3) San Diego State vs. (6) Boston College
(2) Northwestern vs. (7) William & Mary

Starkville Regional
(1) Mississippi State vs. (8) Louisiana Tech
(4) Miami vs. (5) Texas Tech
(3) Marquette vs. (6) Minnesota
(2) VCU vs. (7) Washington State

South Bend Regional
(1) Notre Dame vs. (8) Western Carolina
(4) Oklahoma vs. (5) South Carolina
(3) Virginia vs. (6) Providence
(2) Old Dominion vs. (7) Memphis

Conference Breakdown
6: Big East
4: ACC
3: Big 12, Colonial, Pac-10, SEC
2: Big Ten, Conference USA, Missouri Valley
1: Atlantic 10, Mountain West, Southern, WAC

After the jump, I'll take a look at the CBI and CIT.


East Region
(1) NC State vs. (4) Marshall
(2) St. John's vs. (3) Iona

Midwest Region
(1) Michigan vs. (4) Wright State
(2) Missouri State vs. (3) Iowa State

South Region
(1) Arkansas vs. (4) New Mexico State
(2) Indiana vs. (3) Georgia

West Region
(1) Arizona vs. (4) Portland
(2) UCLA vs. (3) Nevada

Conference Breakdown
2: Big Ten, Pac-10, SEC. WAC
1: ACC, Big East, Big 12, Conference USA, Horizon, Metro Atlantic, Missouri Valley, West Coast


First Round Matchups
Akron at Southern Illinois
UC Santa Barbara at Northern Colorado
Fairfield at IUPUI
Indiana State at Detroit
Morehead State at Wofford
Princeton at Drexel
South Dakota (Great West) at Green Bay
Vermont at Harvard

Conference Breakdown
 2: Horizon, Ivy, Missouri Valley
1: America East, Big Sky, Big West, Colonial, Great West, Metro Atlantic, Mid-American, Ohio Valley, Southern, Summit