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Because February Is A Crazy Month...There Are Some Site Changes

You're probably wondering where today's College Hoops Go-Round is, as it's now approaching noon here on the East Coast (and Snowmaggedon has started here in DC).

There won't be one. After a particularly busy few days with my day job, and thanks to a whole lot of other stuff going on, I'm refocusing my efforts.  

"Refocusing" doesn't mean leaving the blogging business, far from it. It's just that I've spent far too much time this season working on day-to-day coverage, meaning I haven't gotten to do a lot of the features I've wanted to do. Plus, the Olympics start a week from today, 

So, I'm going to dial back my nightly coverage responsibilities both here and at SB Nation. I'll still be popping up over at the mothership to do commentaries on a regular basis, and bracketology still has another home there. I just won't be focusing so much on recaps and reaction.

However, I will be over there regularly during the Olympics, which start next Friday night, as that's another one of my passions. Those are 17 days every four years when college hoops takes a backseat for me.

The College Hoops Go-Round is another casualty, at least for the moment. It takes me around 1 to 2 hours to put one of those together, depending on the amount of action. That's time I can't spend paying attention to games. 

In the end, these minor changes will give me more time to focus on Tournament talk over the next month or so, which is the main point of this site after all.