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The New and Very Much Improved

I'm unbelievably pleased to join the rest of SBN is celebrating the launch of our new homepage.  You've probably been to the old before.  You were also, most likely, not that impressed by it.

Thanks to the work of the hard-working national staff and tech team here in Washington, we now have a brand new hub, a center for the most up-to-date sports information and, most importantly, links to discussion about all of the latest sports news.  

Our new hub in the words of SBN founder and editor-in-chief Tyler Blezinski...

<blockquote> will seek to do on a national level what each SB Nation network blog already does for its team or sport: provide the most timely, engaging, and highest quality fan perspective information and conversation on the Web.</blockquote>

While the new site provides a great way to access all of the conversation happening about the stories of the day on SBN blogs, it's also a great place to just check scores.  In my first look at the site this evening, I was floored by the scoreboard at the top, featuring play-by-play right on the hover.

(Yes, I am easily entertained.)

So, go forth and knock yourselves out on the new hub.  I have to go back to edting the final proposal of the year (at this late hour).  Friday, I will be back with some information about my travel plans for the coming season.