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SBN Bracket Bonanza - The Race Going Into the Final Four

Rufus on Fire currently leads our little contest, with a sterling 46-14 record and 101 points.  However, our resident Charlotte Bobcats blogger took Pitt to win the title (No love for the home state Tar Heels?), meaning he has very little chance to take the crown for this season.

Who are our leading contenders with three games left?  More importantly, where do they stand?

Hockey Wilderness - currently 5th with 91 points has the maximum possible score remaining, 155 (UConn and UNC in the semis with UNC winning the title).

Bad Left Hook and Peter over at Sliver Seven are next - they're among four tied for 6th with 90 points, but they can max out at 154 (both with UConn/UNC and UNC) 

Five For Howling is currently in a tie for 10th with 89 points, but he can get to 153 if things break right this weekend (MSU/UNC and UNC).

I wouldn't discount these blogs' chances:

  • former leader and current 2nd place holder, Clone Chronicles, who can max out at 146 (UNC in a semi [eliminated Louisville in the other} and final)
  • California Golden Blogs, currently in 4th, who can get to 140 (same scenario as Clone Chronicles') and
  • Pride of Detroit, also in that tie for 6th, can get to 138 (same UNC/UL and UNC combo).  That would prove that something related to the Lions can be competitive.

As for me, well, I'm finished for this year with an OK 39-24 record and 74 points.  The only team I picked to get this far is Villanova, and I had them going out in the semis. 

Things are going to be a bit quiet around here over the next few days, but that won't last too long.  I'll be looking at some interesting things in the near future, but these are topics best left for after the tournament