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Quick and Dirty Review

Here's a quick recap of how well I predicted the actual bracket.  Tomorrow evening, I'll be back with a line by line review.  I'll first spend some more time reviewing the Committee's handiwork.

  • 33 of 34 at-larges correctly picked (Arizona is the only one missing.  I took Creighton instead.)
  • 31 teams correctly seeded (Obviously, the big miss here was picking Memphis over UConn for the last number one seed.)
  • 22 teams seeded within one line. (This is an important stat because the committee will often move teams up or down a seed line to fulfill  bracketing rules.
  • 9 teams seeded within two lines. (This is a bit higher than I'd like to see.)
  • 2 teams off by 3 lines - Utah State and Boston College.  (Oddly enough, I had moved the Eagles up to a 7 to meet a bracketing rule in my Sunday morning bracket.