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On the DL Podcast Up and Weekend Bracket Plans

Today's On the DL podcast, featuring my appearance in the Blogs We Can't Vouch For portion of the show, is now available for listening.  I'll be dropping in on my friend Marty's radio show in Gainesville/Ocala on Monday to talk about the bracket.  I'll post a link for that as soon as I get one from him.

As for this weekend, I have a lot planned.


I will be at the Patriot League Championship game (ESPN2, 4:45 EDT) at what should be a raucous Bender Arena.

When I return, I'll be watching the evening games while working on a new projection, which should come out around midnight.


I'll be at home, on the blog, and watching a lot of games.  I plan on doing a live blog throughout the day, though I may disappear from time to time to work on bracket updates.

Tomorrow, I'll also be posting a special bracket solely based on the RPI to illustrate some of the issues with that particular tool.


Sunday should be much like Saturday, though I may not do a live blog, since I'll have to work a bit more to get my final projection out.  Depending on what happens in conference championship games, that will come sometime between 5 and 5:59 EDT.

After the bracket is announced, I'll post a brief post-mortem, with a longer analysis piece to follow.

Happy Hoops Viewing!'