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At This Point, I Must Beg At The Altar Of Wilbon For Forgiveness.

According to this Andy Katz item on, Kevin Coble will redshirt because of his broken foot and senior Jeff Ryan blew out his ACL, also costing him the season for Northwestern.  

The Coble injury happened the day after I included the Wildcats in my Final Preseason Bracket.  So, I have to take full responsibility for this one.  According to this Chicago Tribune item. NU will be loaded next season with Coble's return.  I'll be sure to ignore them when formulating my 2011 Preseason Bracket.  Be sure to visit our Northwestern site, Sippin' On Purple, for the full wailing and gnashing of teeth experience.

Also, I really have been the kiss of death this week.  Oregon State, another woebegone program I had included, also hasn't had a great week.