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Campus Connection Week Drinking Game

ESPN, the worldwide leader in creating 800-pound gorillas that can't be ignored, likes to spice up its college basketball coverage with theme weeks. They give us "Feast Week" during Thanksgiving, "Rivalry Week," "Judgment Week" (as if the other weeks of the season are no less important), and, of course "Championship Week," even if it is about a week and a half long at this point. This week brings us a new addition to their themed weeks, "ESPNU Campus Connection Week." I'm guessing this week is supposed to remind fans that college sports is all about the student-athlete experience, or something. To accomplish this goal, ESPN tries to make their broadcasts more university-focused during this week, since, frankly, you'd have a hard time guessing that there was anything college-related with most of their college basketball broadcasts.

After watching two "Campus Connection Week" broadcasts, I'm thinking the rest of the games shown this week are going to be pretty predictable in terms of the campus look and feel they present. So, the only way to liven this week up is the always inappropriate (since we are dealing with college students here) drinking game!

Please try at your own risk and always designate a driver if you're attempting this at the local watering hole instead of you own home.

Rules so far, in no particular order

Shot of face-painting, either in progress or completed - CHUG

ESPNU's designated student announcer allows the analysts take over broadcast - Do a shot

Return from commercial features a shot of coeds shown on-campus who suddenly seem WAY too young for you - SIP

Student presents a package about famous spot on or slightly off-campus - DRINK

Todd's Taste of the Town - Just checking to see if you're still paying attention

After a commercial, they cut to a grad student stuck doing a stand-up near the band - DRINK

If they shrink the picture of the game so it's virtually unwatchable because of said stand-up - CHUG

One of the students giving the lineups in sitting in front of an article of fan gear you have in your closet - Finish your drink

If your cable system cruelly deprives ESPNU from you and the broadcast references the network or features its logo - DRINK

If you have ESPNU and the broadcast references the network or features its logo - DRINK anyway, if only because there's the chance you'll be subjected to "The Herd" on TV.

I think that last one alone could cause an epidemic of alcohol poisoning. If you have any suggestions for this game, please let me know and I'll add them at the week goes on.