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TV Viewing for Wednesday, January 7

Unusually quiet lineup tonight for a Wednesday, which is fine, since I'll be focused on one game in particular during the 7 EST window, even though there's another game that could be very intriguing. (As usual all TV info is from Matt's College Sports on TV page.)

I'm of course talking about Louisville at South Florida (ESPN2, 7 EST).

Of course, my main attention will be focused on DePaul's visit to the Dome to play the Orange (Full Court/SNY, 7 EST). The Blue Demons have looked unimpressive so far this year both in and out of the league. They've looked downright awful in the black sort-of-old school/sort-0f -new school alts they wore against Providence Saturday. Despite their weakness of late, DePaul gave Syracuse fits last year at the building formerly known as the Rosemont Horizon. Paul Harris (finger) and Eric Devendorf (hip) are expected to play and be forces of nature.

I'll be keeping an eye on Davidson and Duke (ESPN, 7 EST), at least until Duke double-teams Stephen Curry and the rest of the Wildcats can't answer the Blue Devil offense. Hopefully Bob McKillop has worked on that little issue since the Purdue game.

Marquette-Rutgers ( FullCourt/MSG+/TW-Milwaukee, 7:30 EST) - Not that I'll be watching per se, but I wonder what the crowd will be like, as I just got an e-mail from Rutgers saying they had released a slew of student tickets for Saturday's game to the public.

Northwestern-Wisconsin (8:30 EST, BTN) - Wildcats are much improved, but this hasn't been reflected in their conference record. They have a halfway decent shot at getting a road win in Madison, even if the Badgers are completely underrated as always.

Gonzaga-Tennessee (9 EST, ESPN2) - I got to see these two play at Disney for the Old Spice Classic championship. (Pictures) At the time, it looked like the Bulldogs were on their way to challenge for the 1-seed out West and the Vols were going to dominate the SEC. Now, both are looking to snap out of funks. The Zags haven't been the same since losing that OT thriller to UConn in Seattle. The Vols have been beaten pretty badly on the road by Temple and Kansas. With conference play about to start, one last win in the non-conference is vital for both teams' momentum.