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Tonight's TV Picks

A lot of my attention is going to be focused away from the hardwood tonight. Canada goes for it's 5th straight World Junior Hockey title and the Fiesta Bowl will grab me for a few minutes. Nothing like watching the trainwreck that is tOSU in a BCS game. However, I am going to make sure I pay attention to...

Georgetown at Notre Dame - Yes, I DO have the Irish down on the 7 line. Take a look at their profile and see if they really deserve to be any higher.

Yep...that's what I thought. Win this one, and we'll talk about moving up, ND. Losing to St. John's may be OK in the long run, but it isn't yet.

Stony Brook at Binghamton - Big one right off the bat in the America East, as both teams are 1-0. Both teams opened the league slate with big road wins - SB at defending champ UMBC, Binghamton over Maine. Both teams also have wins over teams in power conferences. The Bearcats got over their loss to GW in their second game and won at Rutgers and Tulane. Stony Brook won at Air Force.

UNCW at VCU - The Seahawks lost to Mason by 41 in their last outing. So, why do I have this on my list? Well, I want to see how much trouble the Rams have getting past their 81-79 loss Saturday to Delaware in Newark.