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Just as I was getting comfortable...

I'm sorry I've been a bit absent for the past couple of days. I found on Thursday morning that the contract I'm working on...well, the government agency didn't pick up the option year because of funding issues. It's possible (though, at the moment, not probable) that I could be out of work on Christmas Eve. So, other things have been occupying my mind over the past couple of days.

That being said, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at Memphis-Georgetown today. I didn't bring the camera, as it would've been ineffective from where I was sitting. Even though they lost, watch out for the Tigers. They're young and will only get better as the year goes on. Their progress will be expedited if they don't run everything through Tyreke Evans when it's close. A little more teamwork would've probably led to a Memphis win in regulation. A little more pressing in the final two minutes would've probably done the same, as Georgetown was having serious trouble breaking it until the end.