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Devendorf (probably) suspended for the rest of the year


Well, all I can say is the team almost made the tournament without him last year. I'm not going to sugar coat it, losing Devendorf will hurt, especially since he's currently second on the team in minutes. However, the presence of a healthy Andy Rautins, whose ACL injury put the Orange behind the 8-ball last year, will help offset the loss. Flynn and Harris would definitely have to step up even more. Mookie Jones, who hasn't played all that much, may have to see more minutes for the eight-man rotation to stay intact. The fact he's been a 50-percent shooter and decent from behind the arc should help his case for extra minutes.

Of course, Jim Boeheim could always un-redshirt Scoop Jardine.

Considering that Devendorf was only back because of an injury waiver after last season, the possible end to his Syracuse career couldn't come in more mind-boggling fashion. He had his chance and now it looks like he's blown it forever.

On a happier note, the Gators continue their post-CBE Classic schedule of CBE Classic teams , as they face Florida Gulf Coast (notice there's no hyphen) in Gainesville. It's UF's second meeting with a mid-major CBE participant after the the Kansas City trip. The first was against UMKC, oddly enough, right after Thanksgiving. Of course, these games weren't scheduled as part of the tournament, so the Gators won't be able to improve on their 3-1 mark from the event.