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Bowl Projections - 23 November 2008

Here are this week's projections. Things are starting to clear up, slightly. The ACC race no longer requires PhDs in thermodynamics and statistics to figure out. However, the Big 12 South race is now a mess thanks to Oklahoma stomping the hell out of TTech last night.

Ranting moment - Mike Lupica is saying USC shouldn't be allowed to play for the BCS title because they won't win their conference. WRONG. If they beat UCLA and Oregon State beats Oregon, they'll be tied at the top of the standings or, in other words, co-champions. The Beavers would go to the Rose Bowl because of a Pac-10 rule.

Clemson saved the ACC yesterday by beating Virginia. They will now be able to fill their contracted bowl spots. Rutgers became bowl-eligible by beating Army, so the Big East is now set. They'll even be able to provide a team to the Motor City Bowl, since the Big Ten won't. Barring miracles over the next two weekends, the Big 12, SEC, and Pac-10 won't fulfill their obligations. The Big Ten has assured that they will not.

Buffalo, San Jose State, and Louisiana Tech fill at-large spots this week. It looks like the Sun Belt will need to step in for the SEC in both the Independence and PapaJohn' Bowls.

Mock playoff projections at some point, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow morning.