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Game Two - GW 71, Binghamton 57

This is going to be a relatively short post, as I forgot to put the memory card back in my larger camera before I brought it with me to the game last night.


Oh well, that means I couldn't record the comedy of the large inflated GW gateway the Colonials are supposed run through before they hit the court.

As I mentioned in my Twittering last night, the flubs didn't end there. The GW game program claimed that the opposing coach was Massachusetts' Travis Ford. Maybe the GW Sports Information department is in need of a new editor this morning...

In general, it was a game without much of a real flow. If GW had shot better from the foul line, they probably would've put the Bearcats away sooner. However, Binghamton managed to claw back within a possession a couple of times in the first half, which led Karl Hobbs to burn three timeouts in the first half.

Kevin Broadus has hitched his wagon to transfers, with a full nine-players on the roster having another post-secondary institution listed. Transfers are usually hit or miss, and so far, you'd have to say this philosophy has been a "miss" for the Bearcats (who interestingly, were also nicknamed the Colonials once upon a time, as alum Tony Kornheiser will occasionally mention on his radio show). But, hey, at least they don't have this jackass on the roster anymore.

Memphis is about to beat Chattanooga to advance to the semifinals of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, where they'll face either USC or Seton Hall. If only this were a year ago...

Tonight, I'll be watching the Gators for the first time this year, as they take on Southern Utah in the O'Dome. I'll also be paying some attention to the Coaches vs. Cancer semifinals and Miami at Georgia Tech on the gridiron.

If I don't drop in any comments this evening, I'll be back online when I'm in Kansas City on Saturday.