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Mocking the BCS with Playoffs - 16 Nov. 2008

There's nothing too terribly different in my mock playoff brackets for this week.

16-Team Bracket

No new at-large entrants: The five to make the cut this week are the same as last week, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Georgia. The Bulldogs are on life support after their struggle to beat Auburn yesterday, however, even if they did move up in the S-curve.

New auto bids: Cincinnati replaces Pitt in the Big East, though those two meet next week to probably settle our fake auto bid. Maryland replaces FSU in the ACC. Again, like with the bowl projections, the ACC champ will probably be someone different next week. Troy takes over the Sun Belt auto bid, even if they did pull a huge El Foldo act in Baton Rouge last night.

I did some adjusting to the seeds from last week. Ohio State and Georgia are now higher, with Boise State and the ACC champion lower.

8-team bracket

The only changes here are new ACC and Big East champs. Because of the limited size of the bracket, they take the last two spots on the S-curve.

4-team bracket

No changes at all. The semis are still Florida-Penn State and Oklahoma-USC.

I have a couple of basketball games on at the moment, both matching non-BCS squads with lower-level BCS conference teams. Winthrop is at South Carolina in a game that would've been far more interesting two years ago. Early in the second half, the Eagles had it down to an 8-point gap, but the Gamecocks have gone on a run to build a 14-point lead. Kentucky's conquerors, VMI, are in Charlottesville to take on the team picked last in the ACC preseason poll, Virginia. You can't really count the Keydets out because of their ability to score in bunches. They were down double-digits in the first half and now have it down to a 5-point Cavalier lead.

More early-season hoops thoughts tomorrow.