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Oh, hey! I guess it’s time to think about expanding the NCAA Tournament again...

The ACC commissioner suggested expansion of the field of 68, among other things. Here’s what that jump to 72 teams might actually look like.

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March Madness predictions 2018: This is Arizona’s year

Sean Miller will break his Final Four drought at Arizona ... and then win it all.

The 9 most egregious NCAA tournament snubs

Now that the field of 68 is set, it’s time to look at a few of the teams whose hopes were crushed during the Selection Show. Thanks to the depth of this season’s bubble, it’s a longer list than you’d expect.

Bracketology 2018: Your final NCAA tournament projection is here

All that’s left to do now is wait.

Conference Tournament Central 2018

Your one stop shop for all 32 conference tournament brackets, along with scores and updated matchup and TV information.

Bracketology 2018: Davidson wins the A 10 title, ruining someone’s NCAA dreams

But whose?

Bracketology: Selection Sunday’s 5 games mean final tweaks

The SEC and American Athletic championship games could provide their winners with a seed boost, while the eyes of bubble teams will focus on Washington, D.C.

Bracketology 2018: An exciting, yet upset free Saturday night sets the top line early

With Virginia, Villanova and Kansas all seeing off danger in their respective conference title games, only the fourth No. 1 seed is really up for debate.

Bracketology 2018: The bubble braces for an Atlantic 10 bid thief

While top-seeded Rhode Island was able to survive its matchup with Saint Joseph’s, St. Bonaventure couldn’t stop Davidson in game two. That means the Wildcats could poach a bid at the very last moment.

Bracketology 2018: Duke drops down to No. 2 seed, Kansas rises to top line

While the Jayhawks advanced to the Big 12 title game by defeating Kansas State for a third time, a late Blue Devils rally against North Carolina in Brooklyn fell just a bit short.

Bracketology 2018: Nevada throttled in Mountain West semifinals, so someone’s bubble just popped

While I’ve made some changes near the cut line after a fresh look at the bubble picture, no team can feel comfortable until Selection Sunday. That’s because another bid thief might lurk out East.

Bracketology 2018: The bubble is a confusing mess

What will the Selection Committee value the most this season: RPI? Road wins? Quality wins? Avoiding bad losses? Finishing well? The answer will determine which teams grab the final few spots in this year’s field.

Bracketology 2018: The bubble takes a backseat to the race for top seeds on Selection Sunday

Bubble talk dominated Thursday, but the Big East, ACC and Big 12 semifinals will turn the nation’s attention to the top seed line tonight.

Bracketology 2018: Middle Tennessee just gummed up the bubble works

The two-time defending Conference USA Tournament champs — and conqueror of a Big Ten power in each of the last two NCAA Tournaments — failed to make it out of its league quarterfinals.

Bracketology: Did Collin Sexton and Alabama just push Arizona State out?

With their thrilling win at the buzzer, the Crimson Tide rejoin this projection, at the idle Sun Devils’ expense. Elsewhere, Providence helped its cause while Oklahoma State’s bubble likely burst.

Bracketology 2018: Arizona State is living on the edge

The Sun Devils, 8-11 after a 12-0 start, are on their way out after dropping their Pac-12 Tournament opener to Colorado. Meanwhile, Louisville is back in after holding off Florida State in the ACC.

Bracketology 2018: How the ACC, Big 12, SEC, and Big East tournaments impact the bubble

Wednesday’s power conference tournament action features no fewer than 12 games with at-large implications.

Bracketology 2018: St. Mary’s is the ultimate bubble team after loss in WCC tournament

A BYU win over Gonzaga in tonight’s final would pop some unlucky team’s bubble. Meanwhile, Saint Mary’s is teetering on the edge.

Bracketology 2018: Resetting the bubble heading into the final week

With little changing at the top of the bracket on Sunday, today’s projection is complemented by a closer examination of the teams still in the race for the final at-large bids.

Bracketology 2018: Duke returns to the top line, while the bubble finally shrinks

The latter development is due to poorly-timed losses in the Big Ten Tournament and in the other power conferences’ regular season finales.

Bracketology 2018: Bubble teams continue to trip over themselves

Louisville was one of many teams that simply couldn’t pick up a key win over the past three nights. Therefore, the Cardinals remain on the wrong side of this projection, alongside UCLA, Utah, and Nebraska.

Conference Tournaments 2018: What’s New

Last night, this season’s Championship Fortnight tipped off with the ASUN’s quarterfinals. This evening, both the Big South and Patriot will pare their fields down to eight teams from 10. With that in mind, it’s time to examine what’s new in this season’s crop of 32 Division I men’s conference tournaments.

Nebrasketball and Bracketology: An Expert Weighs In

SBNation’s own bracketerologist gives his thoughts on WHY NEBRASKA ISN’T A LOCK in the NCAA Tournament and why the Big Ten looks bad compared to the SEC

Bracketology 2018: Welcome to crunch time for the bubble

Three days worth of action led to some major changes both at the top of the bracket and at the cut line, where Louisville and USC did the most to help their cases.

Bracketology 2018: Does anyone want to play in the NCAA Tournament this season?

We might get some answers to that question, thanks to this weekend’s bubble-heavy schedule.

Bracketology 2018: Oklahoma fades toward the bubble as Kansas returns to top line

This is a fitting turn of events because "defeat" is the major theme of today’s post.

Bracketology 2018: The Selection Committee’s top-16 preview is already irrelevant

Thanks to a wild evening of upsets, we have jostling on the No. 1, 2 and 3 seed lines and, naturally, some changes near the cut line. And don’t look now, but Saturday could be just as bonkers.

Bracketology 2018: We know the top 16 teams in March Madness. Who’s next?

Once again, it appears clear that picking up quality wins is the surest way to secure a bid and to improve seeding. Plus, did you realize five teams still can finish conference play unbeaten?

Bracketology 2018: These are the 16 locks for the NCAA tournament

With one month and two days to go before Selection Sunday, we have one new No. 1 overall seed, three swaps near the cut line, and our first group of locks for the season.

PODCAST! Rock M Radio Presents: Dive Cuts with Matthew Harris

Sam is out, but Matt is here! He is joined by Chris Dobbertean

Bracketology 2018: Xavier would be No. 1 seed over Duke, Kansas if March Madness started today

The late January/early February struggle is real, everyone. After the majority of bubble teams stumbled heading into the weekend, Saturday and Sunday saw several teams close to the bracket’s top line take on losses.

Bracketology 2018: The third annual ‘Bad Week for Bubble Teams’

It’s uncanny how there always seems to be one stretch during each season when nearly every team fighting for a bid takes a loss simultaneously.