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How the SEC and the Big 12 Should Go About Setting Up a College Football Scheduling Agreement


The SEC and the Big 12 have agreed to a January bowl pairing, so can a college football scheduling arrangement be far behind? Dawg Sports examines how such pairings might work between two 14-member...

Larry Scott reveals his latest "work product" - a Pac-12 logo.


Larry Scott reveals his latest "work product" - a Pac-12 logo.

Pac-12 Cable Network Targeted For Launch In 2012, According to SportsBusiness Journal


Interesting points being made here. *ESPN, FOX have shown the most interest, and the Pac-12 has an exclusive negotiation window through April 30, 2011; Comcast is interested too, and they'll soon control NBC. Three very good possibilities for primary TV distribution outside the potential cable network. *The programming schedule would be filled with over 2500 live events from the conference. It's expected all the Pac-12 football and basketball games not televised elsewhere would be picked up which is what everyone has wanted forever. *It would also contain more "premium content" than the BTN, meaning there could be more marquee high-profile matchups. *Schools would contribute all television and other digital rights to the network. *Industry executives aren't sure if the network will succeed like the Big Ten Network. The biggest impediment could be distribution; how many cable/satellite providers would be willing to include the channel in their digital subscription packages outside the West Coast (and most importantly in California?).

New Big Ten Logo Reminds Us To Be Thankful For Larry Scott, Pac-12


The new Big Ten logo looks like a failed branding experiment. And the "Legends" and "Leaders" divisions? Terrible. The Pac-12, on the other hand, put out a great logo and marketing strategy back in...

Open Letter to Colorado Buffalo Fans: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener


Did CU make the wrong choice to leave the conference? I would argue that they did.

A Word With Bill Moos On The Pac-12


A quick word with Bill Moos on the Pac-12. We gather his thoughts on revenue sharing, divisions and get his reaction to the news. Featuring Moos makin' it rain.

Dan Guerrero talks about new Pac-12 alignment from Eugene. GO BRUINS.


Dan Guerrero talks about new Pac-12 alignment from Eugene. GO BRUINS.

Pac-12 Press Conference Summary - SB Nation Seattle


If you missed Larry Scott's press conference or want a summary of the events, check out my summary on SB Nation Seattle. For the latest on the Pac-12, check out our Pac-12 StoryStream on SB Nation Seattle.

Coug Center: Pac-10 Divisions Announced--Football Only


As someone who's experienced both the "Big East 6" and "Big East 7" and the SEC East and West, I'm glad the Pac-10 (and Big Ten) have realized that you don't need divisions in a basketball conference, especially since they can screw up a perfectly good postseason tournament.

Utah officially to the Pac-12 South


It's official: Utah to the Pac-12 South with Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, SC and UCLA. Pac-12 officials have also agreed on hosting the title game at the on-campus site of top-seeded team.

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