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Albany Can't Hold On Enough For the Win

Albany was ready fight as soon as it hit the court. The Great Danes were on a mission to try to be the first 16-seed to win in the Round of 64. In a surprisingly close game, they held on but just...

Breakers Sign Defender Jazmyne Avant

The Boston Breakers announced the signing of defender Jazmyne Avant, who was waived by Portland Thorns FC on June 20.

Predicting the 2013 SEC: Florida


Under Coach Will Muschamp, the Gators have gone 7-5 and 11-2. Will the the revert back to 2011 or build off 2012?

Wildcats fail to make NCAA Tournament


The Field of 64 was announced Monday morning, and the 2012 National Champion Arizona Wildcats did not make the cut.

The Tebow Petition: We The People Want Him In JAX


President Obama promised us change we could believe in. Houston Texans fans should all hope that includes changing his mind on the decision to kill the Tebow petition on the White House website. We...

Who is Billy Donovan?


Here's a story about our nemesis, coach Billy Donovan of Florida. Much as we dislike what he's done to the Bruins in the Tourney, it's worthwhile to learn about dynamics between him, his athletic director, and his university's president. While reading the article, it occurred to me how little we really know about Howland, Guerrero, and Block. Howland is practically a ghost off the basketball court. Guerrero is nowhere to be found outside of photo ops and buffets. Block hides out in the far corner of campus, ensconced in a second-floor office in Murphy Hall. We don't know what is truly important to these men, beyond the superficials of dollars and (maybe) victories. Do they care about integrity? Do they have a strong sense of purpose? How do they conceive of themselves as educators? Based on what we are able to observe, we would probably be disappointed to learn the answers to these questions, but it's troubling that they don't communicate in a way that would give us useful and positive insights. The linked article at least gives us an idea of what kind of a person Donovan is. By the way, scroll to the bottom of the article. Whose team appears in the photo right after the story of Donovan and the Gators?

Moment #100: University of Florida settles lawsuit with softball player Andrea Zimbardi


Part of Outsports' series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Softball, 2004. When Andrea Zimbardi, an SEC honor roll student and a senior captain on the team, was kicked off...

Obama harps more on BCS


Barack Obama continued his plea for change we (almost) all can believe in: A college football playoff. Following the Florida Gators' win Thursday night, Obama was asked about the game. "If I'm...

Africa has many exports


Jimbo Tartt of the University of Florida seems to have skipped his Global Economics class. The Sporting News' Spencer Hall was looking at (what is allegedly) the Gators lineman's Facebook page and...

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