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The Dana O'Neil Flip Flop

"I can't fault Maryland and Rutgers in this one... So if you're a financially strapped athletic department like Maryland and someone dangles the Big Ten Network cash register in front of you, you go. If you're a dying-to-win homecoming queen but are a destined-for-princess school like Rutgers and someone wants you (other than your crumbling league), you go. "

Notre Dame Apparently Headed To The ACC (For All But Football, Hockey)

Updated with SB Nation link. I guess the idea of playing basketball against the likes of SMU and Houston didn't sit well in South Bend. The first info I saw on this subjecthttp://espn.go.com/college-sports/story/_/id/8369070/notre-dame-sports-football-hockey-acc came from ESPN's Brett McMurphy, who has a good track record with this sort of thing. While I've been expecting a move like this for some time (based on message board chatter), I didn't quite expect it today. The Fighting Irish will now see a sizable chunk of its football schedule filled with ACC opposition (5 games according to McMurphy). Plus, they'll join fellow ACC rival Boston College in Hockey East. (Note the ACC will need four more teams to sponsor hockey as a conference, a big number, but not too sizable.) The big question is when this move happens, given the Big East's 27-month notice requirement. But, hey, it's not like Notre Dame would have much issue getting past that hurdle financially. Another is if football joins the conference down the road at some point, perhaps when the NBC money runs out.

Big East Coast Bias: Football-Driven Expansion Is About To Happen

For basketball purposes, Houston, SMU, and UCF are poor replacements for Pitt, Syracuse, and West Virginia, but you and I know that's not what this is about. Boise State and San Diego State are set to come aboard for football only. The Aztecs are likely to join the Big West in other sports, which refreshingly makes geographic sense, even if such a move is a competitive step down. There's no word yet on where the Broncos would park their other sports. Air Force is also a possible addition, though they have the same conference issue as Boise. Navy, which has no such issues thanks to its place in the Patriot League, could also join. More info and analysis when things become official, as there are sure to be more dominoes falling. Be sure to check out Mountain West Connection's take on this too.

WVU to Big 12 Once Missouri Leaves

Well, well, well. I guess Luck won't get too much chance to play those power-houses of Air Force and Navy. Can't wait to hear what he has to say about this move, I'm sure he's devastated. Seriously though, it's a good move for WVU with the Big East still twiddling their thumbs. They will be one of the better basketball teams in the Big 12, but they might get knocked around in football more than they like. I'm glad we could give them an early dose of that on Friday.

Report: Oklahoma May Stay in Big 12

Hold everything folks. Oklahoma MAY put a stop to it. But, it all comes with Texas paying a price. If this happens, Louisville to a more stable Big 12?

ESPN: Big 12 leftovers to Big East over MWC?

So, really, the travel is not all that different than it is now, and the former Big 12 teams form natural rivals with each other. The Big East could form East and West Divisions, stage a championship game and have a legitimate 12-team conference that would keep its BCS tie-in. A Pittsburgh-Kansas State title game might not capture the nation's imagination, but it's a start. The league should act fast, because the Mountain West is eyeing these same teams, which is a major reason why that conference delayed a vote on adding Boise State earlier this week. Maybe the Big 12 leftovers fit well with teams like TCU and Colorado State, but the geography becomes even more troublesome when you start talking about the far western teams in that league like San Diego State and New Mexico. And while we know basketball is taking a backseat in expansion -- actually, hoops is in locked in the trunk right now -- we also realize that Kansas is a basketball school that takes great pride in its hardwood tradition. Do you think the Jayhawks would rather play basketball against the likes of Wyoming and Air Force or go toe to toe every week against Connecticut, Georgetown, Louisville, Syracuse, etc.?

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