5 Great Places To Get Your Bracket In Before Its Too Late (Because You Can Win Prizes!)

If you haven't already made your bracket, or if you already have and think it’s so perfect that it will win you sweet, sweet prizes, then you will want to check out these online bracket makers. Some make it easier than others, but all of them promise prizes for those lucky smart enough to pick the winners and prove they know college basketball.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is so sure that you are not smart enough to build a perfect bracket that they are willing to bet you a $1,000,000 and not even expect you to pay them when you lose ... or something like that. Okay, they will give you that amount if achieve perfect and there is nothing about betting on their site. I just read that into it.

After you get past the grand prize the rewards drop pretty significantly after that. First prize is 1/1000th of the grand prize. If you end up placing in the top 200 you will get a $25 or $10 gift card to FoxSports Shop. Worth it? Maybe.


In terms of prizes, ESPN leaves a little to be desired compared to a potential Million Dollar payout. There is a good bit of randomness in this contest as well. The top 1% will be entered into the drawing for a $10,000 gift card to BestBuy. Not a bad deal if you part of the 1%. You will be double happy if you are part of the 1% and the 1% - rich and lucky.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is putting another $10,000 prize on the table, bringing the grand total for totally owning everyone in America up to $1,020,000. They have a handy countdown timer on their site so if you need to know if you still have time they are great place to go. The bracket is really easy to understand and interact with, my 63 year-old father could totally pull it off. They also let you see how many users made the same pick as you - good knowledge to have so you can be different and beat everyone else. After all, there can be only 1.

NBC Sports

I'm not exactly sure what the prizes are here, but the interface is so just easy to use this is a definite recommendation for anyone just looking to casually compete against their friends, family, or random strangers. All you have to do is click your winner in each match-up and in less than 2 seconds you have an entire bracket filled out. A handy print option makes it great for sticking in your pocket to pull out during work, as you are driving, or as you are getting your teeth cleaned. Pretty much whenever the hell you feel like.

CBS Sports

My favorite was definitely CBS Sports. If you are really good, you might have a luxury trip to see the Final Four! Imagine winning over a $1,000,000 in prizes AND getting to the Final Four. Now that would be the baddest mad March that ever happened to anyone ever.

Extra Bonus: BracketWars

Not exactly a bracket and not really a place to win a prize, BracketWars is really a fan voting contest (channeling American Idol) where the winner is the Boys and Girls Club of America. Voting is really simple. All you have to do is click a button for the team that you feel like has the best fans in the nation. If you don't care about any of the teams they list then just choose a city that you want the "prize" money to go to. Its really that simple.

Does your bracket have what it takes to win over a $1,000,000 this March Madness season?


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