Bracketology: Updated S-Curve And Bracket For March 10, 2011

Colorado was able to beat Iowa State and stay in today's projection, while Long Island and Northern Colorado officially punched their tickets by winning their respective conferences' auto bids last night. Otherwise, the biggest change from Wednesday is Marquette's move ahead of Villanova, thanks to the Golden Eagles' win over West Virginia to close out the Big East Tournament's second round.

Expect to see more changes tomorrow, thanks to a busy Thursday of conference tournament action.

Yet again, I have a full update with narrative at SB Nation. Today's S-curve is below and the full bracket is after the jump. Here's a link to Wednesday's versions for comparison.

Teams in bold have clinched their respective league's automatic bid.

1 line 1. Kansas*
2. Ohio State*
3. Pittsburgh* 4. Notre Dame
2 line 8. Purdue
7. Florida* 6. San Diego State
5. Duke
3 line 9. BYU* 10. North Carolina
11. Syracuse 
12. Texas
4 line 16. St. John's
15. Louisville
14. Kentucky 13. Wisconsin
5 line 17. Arizona
18. Connecticut
19. Xavier* 20. West Virginia
6 line 24. Temple 23. Cincinnati 22. Kansas State 21. Vanderbilt
7 line 25. Georgetown
26. Texas A&M 27. UNLV 28. Old Dominion*
8 line 32.  Missouri 31.  UCLA
30. George Mason
29. Florida State
9 line 33. Tennessee  34. Utah State
35. Gonzaga*
36. Marquette
10 line 40. Villanova 39. Butler*
38. Michigan
37. Illinois
11 line 41. Washington 42. Georgia
43. Richmond
44. St. Mary's
12 line 48. Clemson
(First Four)
47. Virginia Tech
(First Four)
46. Michigan State
(First Four)
45. Boston College
13 line 49. Colorado
(First Four)
50. UAB* 51. Belmont*
(13 seeds begin)
52. Harvard*
14 line 56. Kent State* 55. Wofford*
(14 seeds begin)
54. Indiana State*
53. Oakland*
15 line 57. Bucknell*
58. Long Beach State*
59. Morehead State*
(15 seeds begin)
60. St. Peter's*
16 line 64. UNC Asheville* 63. Boston University*
(16 seeds begin)
62. Northern Colorado* 61. Long Island*
17 line
(First Four)
65. Arkansas-Little Rock* 66. Bethune-Cookman* 67. McNeese State*
68. Texas Southern*
First Four Out
69. Alabama 70. USC 71. Memphis 72. Penn State
Next Four Out
76. Washington State 75. Missouri State 74. Colorado State 73. VCU

National Semifinal Matchups

(1) Southwest vs. (4) West
(2) East vs. (3) Southeast

First Four

Automatic Bid Teams
March 15: Bethune-Cookman (MEAC) vs. ARKANSAS-LITTLE ROCK (Sun Belt) (NEW) to Washington on March 17th
March 16: McNeese State (Southland) vs. Texas Southern (SWAC) to Cleveland on March 18th

At-Large Teams (Last Four In)
March 15: Michigan State vs. Virginia Tech to Denver on March 17th
March 16: Clemson vs. Colorado to Cleveland on March 18th

Next Four In (automatically in the Round of 64): Georgia, Richmond, St. Mary's, Boston College

Previous seeds are in parentheses. Teams that have earned an auto bid are in ALL CAPS.

San Antonio (March 25 and 27)
Newark (March 25 and 27)
Tulsa (Fri/Sun)
Cleveland (Fri/Sun)
1. Kansas (Big 12)
16. UNC ASHEVILLE (Big South)
1.  Ohio State (Big Ten)
16. McNeese State/Texas Southern
8. George Mason
9. Tennessee
8. Missouri
9. Marquette (11) 
Denver (Thu/Sat)
Tucson (Thu/Sat)
5. Arizona
12. Michigan State/Virginia Tech
5. Xavier (Atlantic 10)
12. Boston College
4. Louisville
13. BELMONT (Atlantic Sun) (12)
4. St. John's
13. INDIANA STATE (Missouri Valley)
Charlotte (Fri/Sun) Washington (Thu/Sat)
6. Kansas State
11. Richmond 
6. Vanderbilt
11. Washington
3. North Carolina (ACC)
14. Bucknell (Patriot)
3. Syracuse
14. WOFFORD (Southern)
Chicago (Fri/Sun) Charlotte (Fri/Sun)
7. Georgetown (6) 
10. BUTLER (Horizon) (11)
10. Illinois
2. Purdue
15. MOREHEAD STATE (Ohio Valley)
2. Duke
15. ST. PETER'S (Metro Atlantic)
(Anaheim: March 24 and 26)
(New Orleans: March 24 and 26)
Chicago (Fri/Sun)
Washington (Thu/Sat)
1. Notre Dame
16. Boston University (America East)
1. Pittsburgh (Big East)
16. Bethune-Cookman/UALR
9. GONZAGA (West Coast)
8. Florida State
9. Utah State (WAC)
Cleveland (Fri/Sun)
Tampa (Thu/Sat)
5. West Virginia
12. Clemson/Colorado
5. Connecticut
12. UAB (Conference USA)
4. Kentucky
13. OAKLAND (Summit)
4. Wisconsin
13. Harvard (Ivy)
Tulsa (Fri/Sun)
Denver (Thu/Sat)
6. Cincinnati
11. Georgia
6. Temple (7)
11. St. Mary's
3. Texas
14. Long Beach State (Big West) (15)
3. BYU (Mountain West)
14. Kent State (MAC)
Tucson (Thu/Sat)
Tampa (Thu/Sat)
7. OLD DOMINION (Colonial)
10. Michigan
7. Texas A&M
10. Villanova (9) 
2. San Diego State
2. Florida (SEC)
15. LONG ISLAND (Northeast)

Conference Breakdown

Big East: 11
ACC, Big Ten, Big 12: 6
SEC: 5
A-10, MWC, Pac-10: 3
21 one-bid conferences

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